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2019 Awards: “Without that daily concern of our staff about the successe of service it would not be possible"

​Robert Collier said that the secret of success is based on the sum of small efforts repeated day after day. To work with passion to achieve what you wish without fearing failure. Currently, the satisfaction of customers in the business is one of the main objectives to achieve for companies, because the high competition in the market makes this factor protagonist for achieving success.


In the hotel sector, there is no doubt that the happiness of the customers is the most important. That they come through the hotel door with enthusiasm and leave the hotel with an unforgettable memory is undoubtedly the maximum value for the employees‘ team.

At Royal Son Bou, we have been bringing happiness to our guests for years. We work every day to offer unique experiences in order they live the hotel and the destination in the best possible way. Our philosophy is based on betting on a safe value: the highest quality service.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the daily work and the dedication to make each day better the stay of our guests has served to achieve awards and high levels of national and international recognition and prestige. Some awards that recognize our commitment and dedication to the most important in the hotel: You.

These awards collect the ratings of those who choose to stay at Royal Son Bou to make their vacation an incredible moment. All these successes are the confirmation of the happiness lived in our hotel and the quality of the services provided during last year:

Awards 2019

  • TRIPADVISOR TRAVELLERS CHOICE AWARDS 2018: as the 3rd best hotel in Spain for families, as well as ranked 11th in Europe.
  • TUI FAMILY CHAMPION 2019: Prize for hotels that have shown a special commitment to offer tailored management for children and families.
  • THOMAS COOK SUNNY HEART SILVER WINNER 2018: for the valuations of the clients after their stay.
  • TUI UMWELT CHAMPION 2019: award that recognizes the effectiveness in the environmental area for actions such as energy management, social and ecological commitment.
  • TUI TOP QUALITY 2019: rating awarded to the best hotels of TUI. That is to say, to the favorites of our customers.
  • HOLIDAYCHECK GOLD AWARD 2019: portal that recognizes and rewards the best hotels valued by customers and that has placed us as the 4th best hotel for families in Spain.
  • BOOKING.COM GUEST REVIEW AWARDS 2018: Recognition of the portal to its collaborators based on the scores that customers leave after their stay. Note 9.1.


All these awards are, without a doubt, the reflection of an immense work of the whole team of Royal Son Bou. And then, we have the pleasure of interviewing its directors, Tumeu Janer and Arantxa González who explain to us the formula for success and how it has been possible to obtain all these acknowledgments:

How do you achieve almost excellence, as indicated by the awards that have been awarded in this year 2019?

Tumeu Janer (TJ): With a lot of work, dedication, enthusiasm, kindness and empathy of the 186 workers who make up last year, the Family People. Without that daily concern of our staff about the successe of service it would not be possible.

Arantxa González (AG): The awards are the result of a long journey that must necessarily start by caring for and attending to those who make it posible: our workers. With a committed and convinced team you can achive wherever you propose. The client feels that commitment and dedication and reflects it in his evaluations.

Feeling at home, or even better, is practically what guests look for when they stay at a hotel. What makes Royal Son Bou for this to be possible?

TJ: When you host someone in your own home and you want them feel at home or better, you have to open the door wide, without complexes, so that you do not feel a stranger. That is what we are trying to achive.

AG: Wherever posssible, we look for a customization service. Here the client is not another number. We try to meet the needs of families, we listen to them actively and if it lies in our hands, we offer solutions that make their stay unforgettable.

What would you stand out from the team that makes up Royal Son Bou?

TJ: I would highlight the perseverance.

AG: The commitment to offer the best service and the best possible experience to the families that visit us.

Speaking of the awards and recognitions that have been granted to you during these years, do you remember any of them that gets you more excited?

TJ: I was very excited about the Travelers Choice of Tripadvisor 2013, which made us as the best hotel for families in Spain in 2012. Just 2 years ago we had taken over the management of the hotel and receive this award it was an unmatched satisfaction. In 2017 we repeated as No. 1 of Spain, which was very special to achieve in such a short space of time, but I remember with greater satisfaction that of 2013.

AG: I support what Tumeu said. Becoming the best hotel for families in Spain in 2013 was huge, if we consider that we are a small and independent hotel.

What awards have you not yet received and expect to be reached in short term?

TJ: I think the only prize we can choose is to continue making our customers happy, making the children do not want to come back home.

AG: Keeping us in this line of success is already a reward in itself. It reveals the confidence that families continue to place in us and keep us up despite increasing competitive from other destinations.

What the long term stakes of Royal Son Bou?

TJ: Continue growing as a team every year to be a benchmark for family tourism.

AG: We celebrate 30 this year and it is a challenge to continue on the crest of the wave. Assuming and adapting to social, technological changes, changes that are occurring within the family may be the greatest challenge. Adapt our entire range of services to the 21st century family’s demands.

Royal Son Bou will continue to open its doors to make happy those who want to enjoy an experience and an unique stay. Waiting to receive the best possible prize: the complete satisfaction of their clients.

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