3 Menorca products that your children will love

Beaches, good weather, countryside, horses, culture, archeology ... there are many attractive things in Menorca that you can enjoy with your family. Children like to swim, snorkel, jumping into the pool from the slide... but there are 3 products on the island that they surely will love and also want to take them home. Memories of Menorca, its flavor and its Mediterranean style.


Do you know the sandals of Menorca?

Niños con Abarcas Ria Menorca

They are trendy! They are copied by great international designers, such as Prada, and are worn by members of the Spanish Royal family. They are the "abarcas", a simple and comfortable footwear that Minorcan farmers used to walk through the countryside.

They started as sandals with a very practical thick tire sole to walk the rural roads of Menorca and today they are in all different colors and with attractive drawings.

The farmers themselves made them with leather and they tied them to their ankles. Its origin date back Romans time, when they conquered the island.

That simple design has evolved to create a modern, light and comfortable shoes, ideal for summer and perfect to wear with any style.

Children like bright colors and animals drawings. You will love the combination of different materials because they are very original. In addition, its label "Product made in Menorca" is a quality guarantee of the product.

Ria Menorca, one of the partner company associate with the Royal Family Rewards card, makes them using traditional methods, taking care of every detail and innovating every year. Visit his store in Ferreries, 22 kms. to Son Bou, and you will find models for the whole family.

You will also find them in the craft markets that are held during the summer in all the towns of the island.

Have you already tasted the ensaimada of Menorca?

Elaboración de ensaimadas en Can Pons Menorca

Children love sweets and here they will find a varied and tasty pastry where “ensaimada” is the star. A sweet rolled dough with spiral shape.

Which one is your favourite? Although the most common are the simplest, without any filling, you will find sweet and savory flavors and all delicious. Chocolate, cream, angel hair ... with fruits such as apricot or pineapple,...or sobrasada with honey, original and delicious.

The name “ensaimada” comes from the Catalan word "saïm" which means lard, one of the essential ingredients of the dough. And 300 years ago they were made in Menorca and at first they were only served at family parties and now they are typical to take breakfast or snack.

Can Pons, one of partner company associates with the Royal Family Rewards card, makes them one by one in a traditional way and always innovating with tasty fillings. Black or white chocolate are the favorite taste among children. Visit his store in Es Mercadal, 15 ks. to Son Bou, and you will be surprised about the sweet pastries variety made in Menorca. Children will not know which one to choose!

Did you know that Menorca cheese tastes like sea?

Quesos de Binillubet Mahón-Menorca

It has designation of origin with the name “Mahón-Menorca Cheese” and a special salty flavor from the sea wind that bring salt to the pastures that cows eat.

The children will love it in any of its versions: the tender one is soft, the semi-soft is creamy and the hard cheese sliced of intense flavor. They are perfect like aperitif, snack, or as an ingredient with peculiar touch in sauces and dishes.

In addition, combined with other flavors it becomes the original detail of the table. Try the tender or semi-soft cheese with tomato or pumpkin marmalade. What do you think of this taste? You will surely repeat!

In Menorca we are experts in cheese, we produce them almost 4000 years ago. It has been found pieces of pottery to make it in archaeological excavations. Also there are texts written from Arabic historian more than 1000 years ago that describe the important production and quality of the Menorca cheese.

Finca Binillubet, one of partner companies associated with the Royal Family Rewards card makes a tasty artisan cheese with raw cow milk in a traditional ripening procedures. Visit them in Es Mercadal, they are on the main road at 13 kms. oto Son Bou.

Take the opportunity to know the typical sausages of Menorca, like sobrasada, which children will love to eat on bread with spread tomato. Don’t miss it!

We are completely sure these products, and some more, will be in your family's luggage when the holidays end . Do you already know someone? Which one would you like to taste? You will take home good memories and the most authentic taste of Menorca.

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