An excursion with Kiko to the beaches of Algaiarens

Finally the day has come! We're going to visit the beaches of Algaiarens. When Hooky told us about his adventures, when sailing through that area which is in the north of Ciutadella, Cuqui and I began to prepare ourselves for a visit ourselves.

We have prepared a backpack with water, snacks and a towel and we are ready to leave the Royal Son Bou Family Club to go and live an new adventure.

Among pinewoods

The first thing you see when you arrive is a big pine forest. In the shadow of the trees is a group of guys with their bikes. Today it´s a sunny day without wind, so I think we'll come here to eat later on. It will be very nice.

The sea is like a pool!. The sand is almost white and the sea is clear and transparent. It's like a beautiful photograph. Cuqui starts to walk on, feeling the desire if not to swim!

Two beaches and a valley

The Algaiarens beaches are also known as the beaches of La Vall because they are situated in a valley. There are two. The first one, which we are now, is called the beach dels Tancats, and the second one, is called des Bot.

nullIt is a protected for its environmental value and no services, there is only a rescue area. But as the beaches are very near to the parking lot, many the families who come here throughout the year come to enjoy the scenery.

Do not touch the urchins

The water is lovely, fresh and clean. We approached the rocks and see some sea urchins. Beware…Cuqui says. I get a bit closer because I like to see them walking through the sand but I will not touch them as I do not want to disturb them.

nullWe are next to a white house right at the entrance to the beach. We reload our backpack as we will continue too walk along the shore on to the next beach.

Protected dunes

The dunes are well preserved and look very pretty, full of plants and flowers. What are they? And why do they have bars around them Cuqui asks me.

Do you know why?

It´s very easy! The dunes protect the beaches, as the sand cumulates because of the wind. It helps to strengthen the coast. They are also the habitat of many animal species. Birds and small mammals living among the sand such as, turtles, frogs, lizards, ...

If you want to wander through the dunes, do it very carefully. They are fragile and very valuable areas.

Sea turtles

We are already reaching the second beach. We stop to drink something and look at the very small fish that start to nibble our feet. It tickles! What fun!

We go down to the rocks and cross a small stream where we have seen little Sea turtles. How quick they are! I have never seen them in Menorca before. There are only two, and not very large but their green colors shine brightly and they are precious.

nullWe have also seen a lot of birds and a cormorant perched on the shore. Here there are many animals. The day we return we will bring binoculars because it's worth seeing how they move between the rocks and the sea.

A century-old house

On the north side of the road we see a small house close to the shore. A man who walks on the beach tells us that it has been there for over more than 100 years. These houses were used to store boats and fishing gear. Sometimes families come on weekends. "VORERA houses" they are called.

In Menorca there is much fondness for fishing. We see a couple of boats with reeds and in the distance, and further away a sailing ship that leaves a trail of foam.

Horses on the shore

We have taken another dip on the beach and now we will go back to the pine forests to eat sandwiches in the shade.


On the shore is a family on horseback. The children go into the sea as it is not too deep but their mom calls their attention and tells them to return to the shore. The beautiful black horses are trotting back. These are the last days to go with the horses to the beach because during summer time is not allowed.

Cuqui does not want to go but the tour is over and we must return to Club Kikoland. We will tell Hooky all we have seen.

Do you know the beaches of Algaiarens? Would you like to go on an excursion? This time we must remember to bring fins to go swimming from one beach to the other. Ah! And binoculars to watch the cormorants fishing in the sea.


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