Courage, is the component which has make possible to open the doors of the Hotel Royal Son Bou in 2020

If history has taught anything, it is that belongs to the brave. Of those who dare to take the step when all conditions seem to be against. And however the story advances. Also for the management of the Royal Son Bou Family Club, from where we have had to turn the rudder around in a sea filled with major changes which were beyond our control. Making the decision to open the hotel at the end of May was, without a doubt, an act of courage, which has resulted, as our director says, “with many disappointments, but also many joys”.


In the months of May and June a lot have been said on the importance of opening hotels and giving confidence,” says Tumeu Janer, manager of the Royal Son Bou. "We believed that we could open the hotel and we even believed that we could have occupancy problems in the month of August, since we set a maximum occupancy of 60% in order to provide good service, with the restrictions imposed." Despite the desire, the reality was quite different. "From the time it was decided to open the hotel until the opening, it was a drain on cancellations." A trend that Menorcan establishments have experienced in this year of pandemic.

Tumeu looks with optimism at the positive points they have drawn from this short and unusual season. “We have been able to change the way we work, but without ever losing our essence. We have even been able to increase the quality of the service, despite all the restrictions imposed. We have seen how the clients who visited us left very pleased and grateful for the effort made. We have shared the joy with our suppliers when we made the decision to open. " Above all, those 138 people who have been able to return to their jobs, and do so with more enthusiasm and eager than ever. “All this has been thanks to the human team that make up the Royal Son Bou", asserts Tumeu. "I can only thank for the response and support of the staff, since from the first moment they were responsible and contributed their vision to be able to open the hotel."

His co-worker in management, Arantxa González, points to the fact that “working in a completely new scenario has also opened up new possibilities, new methods and processes that continue to drive us on the path of continuous improvement. Although everything changes around us”. Just as if there was a litmus test. Precisely because of this changing scenario, knowing that "there would be factors that would not arise until we start with the day-to-day activity, because the world was transforming and we had to adapt to us", they opened with their best smile, even behind the mask. This has been a brave smile, which in Arantxa's words "has meant learning and reinforcement."

With summer already closed, and with a bittersweet balance due to the enormous difficulties they have had to face, Arantxa notes that "we have been able to verify that we are able to continuing offering an unforgettable experience despite all the difficulties". A certainty that confirm the “feedback we have been receiving from families and workers”.

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