Discover the family beach Es Grau in Menorca with Kiko

Today I will visit the beach in Es Grau! I had breakfast at Restaurant Los Olivos and I have prepared my backpack with a swimsuit, a towel, a sandwich, a bottle of water, sunscreen and a hat. Ah, and binoculars, because this beach is part of the Albufera of Es Grau (A natural park). Are you familiar with it? It is the largest expanse of fresh water in Menorca, it´s a pond surrounded by plants and trees, special olive trees, which are wild olive trees. In addition, you can see many animals because it is a waterfowl reserve. Some birds come from far away and relax in this area a few days before continuing their journey and others make their nests right here because they live around the park.

Just arriving at Es Grau I saw a low-flying osprey near to the beach and when I reached the lake, I saw herons, beautiful with their long legs tucked into the water and sparkling peaks. I took a little walk through the nature reserve on the road that leads to the beach because from here you can´t see the lagoon. The dunes which are like small mountains of sand, blocked the view. But it was very hot and I decided to take a bath. I've also come with flip flops and to walk around the park it is more comfortable with closed shoes on.

On the beach there is a lifeguard watching us, but Es Grau is very quiet and it has very shallow waters so you can swim safely and is perfect to come with children. In the sea you can see many fish, some large bass fish that escape when you get near to them and then they suddenly jump. In the middle of the beach there is a very large rock. It's called rock des Mabres and I swam over there to cool down a bit.

Today I chose this beach because there are almost no waves and I wanted to rent a pedal boat and explore the coast a bit. Nearby are very nice small coves that can be reached also walking along a road at the end of the beach, but with the pedal boat is has been much more fun.

Another day I will rent a kayak and go to the den Illa Colom, a small island that over hundred years ago, iron mines and copper existed. It is very close to the beach and there is also a water taxi to take you up there if you want to see it.

How to get to Es Grau from Son Bou

Es Grau (Menorca)

Es Grau is very close to Mao, about 10 kilometers away. You can get there by bus from Son Bou to Mao and then from Mao to Es Grau, or go with a rental car and park in a large parking lot next to the beach.

Besides the beach and the park, Es Grau is a pretty fishing village with white houses. Some are built by the sea and there is a dock where fishing boats arrive every day. The beach is next to the village and there are restaurants where you can eat fresh fish in the shade if you decide to spend the whole day there.

When you reach the beach, the first thing you will see is a wooden bridge built over a stream. Do you know what a stream is? In this case, it is where the water of the lagoon joins the sea. That means, sweet water mixed with salt water. It is where the lagoon discharges the water that comes from the nearby streams when it rains.

I've already returned the pedal boat and I sat in the sand for a while which I noticed is very clean. I never leave anything lying around, no papers nor plastics. At the entrance of the beach there are containers where you can leave the garbage for them to pick up. Remember Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve and this is precisely because they take care of the nature and want everyone to enjoy it.

Sitting here I see the small boats moored a few meters away and yellow buoys that delimit the area where people swim. It is forbidden for the boats to approach the sand.

Well, as I forgot to bring a parasol and it is very sunny, I pick up my stuff and I'll go and spend some time playing in the playground which is nearby to the beach. There I will have fun whilst waiting to get picked up and brought home to the Club Kikoland of The Royal Son Bou.

It was a good day. Are you prepared to visit the den Illa Colom? You can bring snacks and water and spend the day discovering the animals living there. Remember to bring binoculars! Do you have a camera? Then take it with you to make sure you leave with a good memory.


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