Family holidays in Menorca: everything you need to know

In uncertain times like the ones we live in, and when information is accumulating on lots of portals, we want to make it easy for you. That is why we have compiled for you all the necessary information to travel to Menorca and spend a well-deserved family holiday.

As you will understand, all the information will be updated as governments and health authorities take the appropriate action. So stay connected, because we will be updating.


How to get to Menorca from United Kingdom?

The main connections are from London. However, there are airports such as Manchester, Glasgow or Edinburgh that also maintain connections to the island. Of London’s three airports, Heathrow has the highest number of flights, followed by Gatwick. Luton also maintains some connections in the summer.

The main airlines connecting the United Kingdom with Menorca are:

  • Iberia
  • Vueling
  • Air Europa
  • British Airways
  • Easyjet

What documentation is required to travel

This summer you should keep in mind, in addition to the traditional identification documentation, such as a valid passport, documentation that also proves your good health. Menorca is one of the territories in Spain with a very favourable sanitary conditions. And it is everyone's responsibility to keep it that way.

This is why the Spanish Government takes as a preventive measure the need to present at the airport the Health Control Form that you can download here. Once signed, you will be able to obtain a QR code that will be requested at the airport, either in digital or printed form.

A negative diagnostic test for COVID-19 taken up to 72 hours prior to arrival at destination will also be required. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from presenting this test.

For further information on the requirements to travel to Menorca, please consult this website.

And on the way back?

The British government puts particular emphasis on returning its citizens after the holidays. Thus, depending on the epidemiological situation of the country to which Spain has gone, in this case, a mandatory quarantine may or may not be required upon return home.

How do you know if you have to do a mandatory quarantine when you return from vacation?

At the moment, consideration is being given to how best to classify the health situation in each area, as different scenarios are seen within the countries themselves. This is the case of Menorca, which, being an island, has a very different – and much more favourable – health situation than Madrid. For now, and just like last summer, the countries marked in red and amber by the British government, are the ones that force visitors to quarantine once they return home. However, the Government of the Balearic Islands is working to create a safe corridor – derived from the good health situation of the islands – to qualify for the green rating, which exempts mandatory quarantine on return. This information is expected to be updated, according to official British government sources, from 17 May.

You can consult more in-depth information here.

Health information

The health situation in Menorca is one of the best in Spain. And we must try to keep it that way (you can see the current situation here). That is why it is important that:

  • If you are already in Menorca and you have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19, isolate yourself in your room and contact the hotel reception. They’ll help you by asking for medical assistance to check if you’re okay.
  • Always wear the mask and keep the safe distance of 1. 5 meters. Both at the hotel and at other establishments.
  • If you have any questions about the rules of action to ensure the health of all, consult our guide or contact reception.

The measures we have taken at Royal Son Bou

We want your holidays in Menorca to be as relaxing and fun as possible. And that means we have to take care of each other. Like a family! That’s why we’ve taken some measures to ensure your, your family, our staff and the rest of the hotel’s guests health. Keep them in mind whenever you move within our facilities.

  • Mask is mandatory in public areas, except in the pool.
  • The maximum capacity of the hotel will not exceed 60% occupancy. This way, you’ll have more freedom of movement and space to keep your distance.
  • We have created service protocols in areas such as the buffet, where you can enjoy our showcookings.
  • The smallest of the house will be able to enjoy the activities programmed for them, with some differences that involve smaller groups and games that do not involve physical contact.

You can consult here all the measures we have prepared to make your 2021 holiday look forward to returning in 2022.

What we have prepared for you this 2021

Everything. And when we say it all, we mean all the activities, relaxation areas, buffet and pool that characterize the Royal Son Bou Family Club. Last year we realized that, with a little imagination and all the precautions, the fun could go on. So prepare your sunscreen, because we are going to make sure you enjoy the sun and the good weather without having to worry about anything else.

Of course, for the sake of everyone’s safety, we will have to follow certain rules in the common areas. This is the case with swimming pools, where we have created a single entrance area to control capacity, among other measures. The general idea is that you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind for yourself, for your family and for the staff who will take care of you at Royal Son Bou.

As for children’s activities, we also return to them, with some variations. The BabyClub is back, for those parents who want to leave their babies safe and secure while enjoying the sun. Also Kikoland, with lots of outdoor activities. And, of course, the Royal Club, where you can enjoy ping-pong tournaments, soccer or video games. In the evening, the fun will continue next to the Marés bar, with a show designed for the elders of the house.

What if. . . in the end we can’t travel?

Take it easy. We are aware that plans do not always happen as we intended. That’s why we’ve set up a new free cancellation policy that allows you to give 24 hours in advance if any unforeseen events occur.
Also check out our booking benefits if you are travelling with children, including the possibility to book a family stay at no cost for up to two children

Why Royal Son Bou is the best choice for your family holiday in Menorca




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