Frequently asked questions from our customers about the Covid-19

​Since we opened the doors on July 2nd, we have received daily many questions about the operation of the hotel, the services and the security measures we have adopted to fight the Covid-19. Here are the most frequent ones:

Will there be animation activities for the children?

Yes, we will offer activities for all age groups.

Can I leave the kids alone in Kikoland? And at the Baby Club?

Yes, in Kikoland and Baby Club. Children aged 3-4 (Mini Club) may be left alone in kikoland to participate in the activities taken place on the premises.

Babyclub opening hours are from 9.30 to 10.30. In the afternoon the Babyclub will be open from 15.30 to 16.30 and from 17.00 to 18.00. From 16.30 to 17.00 we make a stop for cleaning and disinfection.

What will the hotel occupancy rate be during my stay?

The occupancy rates are being very variable throughout the season. In order to have an update date, we recommend you to contact us and we will inform you about how many people will be staying during your stay. We have established that the maximum occupancy rate allowed in the hotel will be 60%.

Will there be a buffet in the restaurant?

Yes, but it won´t be a free self-service buffet like we’ve always had, but attended. We have protected the whole buffet with screens and our cooks will serve you individually everything you indicate to them from the buffet.

Can I share a table at the restaurant with the friends/ family I travel with if they are in another apartment?

Yes, if you form a family unit, that is, if you are also together in other areas of the hotel or develop other activities together outside the restaurant.

Will there be free place at the pool?

We have reduced the number of sunbeds in order to guarantee the safety distance. The distribution in both pools is as follows:

Adult pool

  • sunbeds: 200
  • in the pool: 450 people

Children’s pool

  • sunbeds: 55
  • in the pool: 50 people

Our lifeguards will check the capacity and assign you the sunbeds. The sunbeds are disinfected after each use.

When is it mandatory to wear a mask?

The use of the mask is compulsory in the Balearics from July 13th for all people over 6 years old. It must be carried indoors and outdoors, even if the safety distance is maintained. It will not be obligatory on beaches, swimming pools, when doing sports or when consuming drinks or food.

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