How do you prepare to fly with children to Menorca?

Are you already planning the holidays with your family in Menorca? Traveling with children requires some prior preparation to make it as comfortable as possible and if you are going to fly you should take into account which airlines are the ones that assure you a better care for you and your children.


Therefore, before to book the flight we recommend you to check the different conditions that they offer. What services do they offer for families? If you have children up 12 years old, you will have priority boarding with the most of the Airlines. But there are other aspects that might surprise you if you check the information:

Price for children under 2 years

If your baby is not yet 2 years old, you will carry it in your lap but there are companies that will charge you almost as if you had a reserved seat:

  • Ryanair: A fixed fee of around 30,00€ has to be paid for babies under 24 months
  • Air Europa: 15% of the total rate is paid, including taxes
  • Iberia: 10% lower price of the total rate
  • Easy Jet: babies pay 26,00€ like fixed fee
  • Vueling: you will only have to pay the fees and charge
  • Alitalia: the price is 10% of the adult rate
  • British Airways: 10% discount of the adult ticket price for children under 2 years who do not occupy a seat
  • Lufthansa: 9,00€ fee

Price for children from 2 to 11 years old

On the most of airlines children on these age pay the same fare as an adult such as Ryanair, Vueling and British Airways. Other companies offer you interesting discounts: AirEuropa (between 10 and 33%), Iberia, Easy Jet, Alitalia (up to 33%) and Lufthansa (up to 20%).



All airlines allow you to check for free a pushchair or a baby seat. Ryanair offers important services: five kilos more of clothing, either in the suitcase or in a bag, at no additional cost. This helps, taking into account the amount of luggage that babies need to travel!

Remember that, except for some low cost airlines, each member of your family that occupies a seat can board the plane with a small bag as hand luggage.

Attention on board

On long trips it is good for children to have some entertainment. If you are a member of Iberia Club Kids club, the company will offer entertainment to your children. Other companies, like Air Europa or Easy Jet, give coloring books and puzzles for the little ones to enjoy the trip.

If you travel with Vueling visit their website when you prepare your vacation because it has an interesting guide with fun animations.

Ryanair, Easy Jet, Vueling and Air Europa have baby changing tables in the toilets of the plane and in Iberia you can reserve, just in their offices, a comfort crib for your child to rest comfortably during the flight.


Families fly each time more and for this reason, the companies have been adapting their menus and you can find children's menus in almost all. Some of them as Air Europa have reacted with humor and they offer pizzas with funny caracter form, chocolate hedgehogs and candy in animals shape, among other foods.


Space for children at the Menorca Airport

Arriving at the airport ahead of time, checking the luggage, passing security checks and boarding can become a hobby for children if the airport of origin and / or the airline company collaborate.

Fortunately, most of the European airport facilities already have special services for families with children: entertain waiting with play areas or provide seats for babies.

Remember it when you return home with your family because Menorca Airport has special services for children to enjoy waiting while you check ypur luggage. What airline have you hired? What services does it offer for children?







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