How do you sunbathe on your family vacation in Menorca?

Hooky accompanies me today to Son Bou beach. He has left the hotel without a shirt ready to turn brown quickly. I should advice him to learn about the risks and benefits of sun exposure. Can you help me explain him?


I wear a hat and I carry a bottle of water, fruit and sunscreen in my backpack. You should protect yourself against the sun. While we are walking he says he will apply sunscreen after swimming.

  • “Hooky, the rays sun reflecting upon the water and will burn your skin" I inform him.
  • "I think you exaggerate, Kiko, now I'll go under the parasol and I will not get the sun," he answers me.
  • "But you can burn because the sun also reflects in the sand, even in the grass. And the cloudy days are also dangerous for the skin. The clouds do not block all sunbeams" I answer him.

Look after yourself on Menorca beaches

Kiko y Hooky en la Playa de Son Bou en Menorca

We have placed the towels in the sand and we have had a great bath. The water is very refreshing and we have swum to the children's play platform. As I wear protective sunscreen before leaving the hotel I am not afraid of burning myself, but I can see that Hooky already has shoulders and neck reddish colored.

  • "Come on, Hooky, let's go back to the sand. And do not argue with me, dry yourself with the towel and you put sunscreen, "I say as I swim to shore.
  • “You are too heavy! He grumbles.
  • "Do you know what ultraviolet rays are? It is a part of the radiant energy that comes from the sun and reaches us in the form of waves that we cannot see but, if we do not take care of ourselves, they can burn our skin and cause us fever and some diseases, "I inform him.
  • "But I like to get brown tanning," Hooky complains while he uses sunscreen and sits under the parasol.

Do you also like to have that beautiful golden color on your skin? Children enjoy playing outside, especially in summer. But if you follow these 7 recommendations you can finish your family holidays and be proud about tanning without endangering your health:

1.- Always wear a cap. Better a hat that covers your ears and neck. Little children have to cover themselves well because they need more care than adults. Doctors say you should avoid giving direct sun to babies before 6 months. You have to protect them both on the beach and on the outdoor walks.

Madre e hija en la playa de Menorca

2.- Put on cream with a high protection factor, especially if you are going to spend many hours on the beach or in the pool. Mom and Dad will help you give it to you all over your body before going out in the sun. Take special care of the head and face, the neck, the ears, the shoulders, the upper part of the thighs and the feet. These are the areas that are most exposed to burns. And always repeat after swimming.

The ideal is to apply cream every two hours because the children are always moving and sweating or the rubbing from clothing is eliminating the cream.

Also, if your skin is very white you need more attention because it will be easier for you to burn.

3.- Drink water. It is necessary to be well hydrated, especially children. Ask mom to bring fresh fruit or juices that, in addition to moisturizing, will provide nutrients for you to be healthy and strong.

And, even if you wear a hat, do not forget to put water on your head often. It will refresh you and prevent you from getting sunstroke due to the heat.

4.- Wear sunglasses. The eyes also need adequate protection against solar radiation. It is very important to wear approved sun glasses and large enough to protect the eyes from the sun and reflections on all sides because they can also cause burns if you do not take care of yourself.

Children's eyes are more prone to suffer the damaging effects of the sun than adults.

Niña con gafas de sol y gorro para protegerse del sol de Menorca

5.- Avoid long periods of time in the sun. Put yourself in the shade and cover yourself with a shirt. Even so, you need to be careful. Although in the shade the radiation is weaker, there is still a risk of of being burned.

6.- Avoid the midday sun. The sun's rays are stronger and more damaging between twelve in the morning and four in the afternoon, so it is not advisable for children to be exposed to them.

7.- When you return to the Hotel, take a warm shower to remove salt from the sea or chlorine from the pool and put on some moisturizing cream to refresh the skin and repair possible damage from sun exposure.

Enjoy the sun’s beneficial effects for children in Menorca

Hooky's eyes look at me without blinking. He is amazed and has huddled in the shade. But you do not have to be afraid of the sun. It is very important to protect yourself, but the sun's rays are what allow life to be on Earth. They provide us with light and heat, they are essential for plants and trees to grow and, also, is there something better to see the sun rise in the morning or hide at night?

  • “Hooky, do you know that sun make us happy? Sunlight stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin, which are known as the hormones of happiness. Going for a walk outdoors or going to the beach for a while brings us well-being, "I tell him.
  • "Then sunbathing is good but you have to do it with caution. Kiko, I propose that we inform our friends, the children of the Kikoland Club. So, they will know how to take care of themselves and make the best use of the sun, "he says me excitedly.
  • "Good idea! We will tell them about the beneficial effects of the sun. For example, it helps to fix vitamin D in the body and have strong bones. And the skin will also be stronger and healthier, "I reply.

Madre e hija en puesta de sol en Bon Bou Menorca

In Menorca we have sun a great part of the year and we can enjoy all its benefits. Walking and doing outdoor activities is a good way to take advantage of solar energy but we all have to take precautions, especially children. So, you have to educate them from childhood. And you, how do you protect yourself from the sun?

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