Kiko horse rides through el Prat in Son Bou in Menorca

I've long wanted to do an excursion on horseback. I'm a little nervous because they are so big but I´ve been told that they are very noble and calm animals. I've already decided that today is the day.

Near to the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club they organize daily horse riding routs and some especially for families with children and for beginners. Just what I need.

Are you familiar with the “Camí de Cavalls”?

It is a path that runs along the coast of Menorca, which is 185 km. It was used in the eighteenth century to guard the coast and to link the towers. It's a different way to see the island and added to it, a beautiful experience. It´s also named the "Horse Road" because it was their usual transport manner. Now you can also go by foot or by bike.

In Son Bou, the rutas a caballo offers me tour to go on the Camí de Cavalls or another one that goes along the coast. This one runs through el Prat de Son Bou and the virgin beach Atalis. This one I like most!

Do you know what a "bot" is?

In Menorca there are a lot of traditions and they have their own horse breed and special dressage styles. The horses are the protagonists of all the village festivals and the biggest attraction is when they walk by raising their two front legs and showing their agility and beautiful posture. When they do, the Menorcan people say the horse makes a "bot".

They take me to the stables where the horses are. Some are the Spanish breed. There is one lovely white one, and another one which is the Minorca breed. These stand out because of their dark skin and slim silhouette. I walk slowly towards them and stroke them. How soft! They are very tall and strong. Our guide explains me that they are very obedient horses and show me how to sit right and guide them.


I've already put my helmet on and have adjusted my backpack so it won´t bother me whist riding. I thought it would be more difficult, but soon I realize that the horse guides me and begins walking slowly. I look like a trained horse rider but the one who is really trained is the horse, who guides me slowly and firmly.

We reached a wet area between the beach and the urbanization, along a narrow path. We are a group of 8 people and at first, we quietly, one after the other, watch the scenery. Our guide explains that you have to respect the ecosystem of the lagoon because many birds nest and breed here. You can hear them call.

At the virgin beach Atalis

We follow the path towards the end of the beach of Son Bou. On the right we see high cliffs of the Bec and Son Boter ravines. We've gone over a bridge made of sandstone, an abundant light-colored stone typical of Menorca. We have also crossed the mouth of a stream.

Leaving behind the Virgin Creek Atalis we stop on at the top and look back. The scenery is incredible. The sea, sand, rocks, it looks like a drawing. How pretty!

Drawings in the air

We would have continued to Santo Tomas, the next beach which about 3 km away but they say we have to return back to Son Bou. What a shame! My horse has been very good. It is true that are quiet and obedient.

On the way back we see many water birds and some groups of birds that fly by at the same time together what made it look like a drawing with all beautiful shapes in the sky. The children who went along with her parents wanted to stay a little longer, at least until the sun went down but unfortunately they can´t. If this was the case I would have stayed with them!

The adventure ends

Well, the tour is over. The guides have behaved very well and as I am very satisfied with how it went. They encouraged me to go along another day and walk the stretch of the Camí de Cavalls from Son Bou to Cala Llucalari.

Being able to ride horseback has been a fantastic experience. I'm going back to go back now to Club Kikoland to see my friends Hooky and Cuqui. When I tell them about this adventure, I'm sure they will want to come and join the next tour.


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