Kiko with pirates in Menorca's Calan Turqueta?

​Everyone says it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca but all the beaches on the island are beautiful. Here the sea is more turquoise than anywhere else on the island and its sand is so thin that you can hardly catch it with your hands because it runs between your fingers. Will you join us? Let's go to Calan Turqueta.

After a good breakfast at the hotel we prepared a small fridge with fresh water and some snacks and we are on our way to Ciutadella. The south coast of this municipality has some of the most crowded coves in the summer. So on the way we will find signs that tell us if there is parking space or not.

Hugging trees

As it is September, this is not a problem and we can easily get to Calan Turqueta. In the months of July and August it is more difficult to find parking because this beach is very famous and is usually very crowded.

nullIt´s time to start walking. We walk among the trees without haste whilst my friend Pedro dances among them:

  • "Who wants to make a photo of me hugging a tree? They smell very good and give us lots of energy, "he says.

  • "I look like a bear trying to climb the pine," he replied, laughing as I take pictures and he makes funny faces.

Have we reached paradise?

Soon we see the shining sea under the sun. Now I know why this is one of the most visited places in Menorca. Calan Turqueta is a virgin cove that rises among the trees and is sheltered between cliffs of white rocks.


  • "This is paradise!" Miguel says with his eyes wide open.

  • "The water is so transparent that I can see the bottom of the sea from here," Pedro says who has already begun to take his shirt off.

  • "Let´s swim!" I say as I run to the shore.

Where does the wind come from?

We dive in to look at the fish that approach us curiously. From out the sea the cove looks very pretty. The ravine reaches the beach which is surrounded by green pines and white rocks. It looks like a postcard!

  • "It is very sheltered from the north wind," Miguel says.

  • "But surely if the wind is from the south it will form some waves," Pedro ask.

  • "That's why it's important to look at where the wind blows before deciding which beach to go to," I tell them.

The cove is like a crescent that ends in two points: Na Foradada and Tambors. And, although it is small, it seems divided in two by some low rocks that almost split it in the middle.

The forests of the Camí de Cavalls

As we lay on the white sand we look around.


  • "Look, that path is the Camí de Cavalls. From here we can go to the beaches of Son Saura. We have to prepare an excursion to get to know them, "he said.

  • "And on the other side we can go to Macarelleta and Macarella," explains Pedro.

  • "This stretch of the Camí de Cavalls is quite leafy, with fresh pine forests. The whole area is protected and remains virgin, "Miguel, who has been talking to the rescuer, explains.

The pirates arrive!

He told her that in this cove the Turkish pirates who invaded Menorca landed more than 400 years ago. Do you remember that when we went to walk around Ciutadella we saw an obelisk that recalls the resistance of the inhabitants of the city against the pirates? Those pirates were Turks, like the famous Barbarossa who invaded Mahón.


  • "Is that why the cove is called Turqueta?" Pedro asks.

  • "I thought it was named after its turquoise waters," I say.

Kayak tour

Some guys who passed before have left us their kayaks and we cross the cove paddling. Among the rocks are some caves and remains of small buildings that groups of Menorquin people used to spend a few days of summer in.

  • "I would like to live here, so close to the sea and this landscape," Miguel, says sighing.

  • "Well, I live near the sea, in Son Bou, with a large beach and a ravine nearby," I say satisfied.

The high cliffs already cover the sun although it is not late. We prepare our backpack to return back towards the parking lot. On the way to Club Kikoland I think of the beaches on the south of Menorca, which have a special charm, so clear and with its transparent water! But those of the north coast, with their bright colors, golden sands and deep blue sea, I love them!

What a dilemma! What beaches do you like the most? Do you remember the excursion we made to Cala Pregonda? Do you prefer the north or the south of Menorca


  • From Son Bou to Ciutadella are 40.7 kms and from there to Calan Turqueta, 10 kms.

  • There is no direct public transport.

  • To get to Ciutadella is easy by taking the main road. Once there you have to take the south round in the direction of Camí de Sant Joan de Missa. The road is very well signposted.

  • You will find panels that tell you if there is space to leave the car in the nearest parking lot, which is almost a km from the cove.

  • In the months of July and August it is better to go o early or late in the afternoon. But know that the high cliffs leave the beach without sun in the middle of the afternoon.

  • In summer there is usually a small bar in the parking lot where you can buy drinks and snacks.

  • Remember that this is a virgin area and of high natural interest.



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