Our kitchen is getting ready for season 2021

As soon as the season is over, we start planning for the next one. We get a lot of information thanks to the surveys you fill out during your stay at the hotel, your comments on social networks and the reviews you leave us on opinion and travel portals. We analyze all the complaints and suggestions and, of course, the congratulations as well.


With all this information, we get down to work.

We take as a reference the use of raw material and the acceptance of the dishes. Based on seasonal production and consumption, we can know what level of acceptance the different dishes that make up our gastronomic offer have had. If a dish is well accepted, we call it a star dish. We look at which month has been consumed more, which nationality has been the most predominant and we try to keep it, as we understand it is a product that you demand and you like. We proceed in the same way with the dishes that we check that have not been so consumed. We analyze why they have not been so successful and we change them every season.

Our gastronomic offer changes every year by approximately 30%. In the dinner service we offer a thematic corner and every year we change 2 or 3 tables, we eliminate the ones you liked the least and we introduce novelties. This year we will keep the tables that have been a success, such as the poke bowl, the curry table or the Menorca, our star table, with local products from our island (km 0) and recipes of traditional dishes. Typical local products are something that is always present in all our buffets. As a novelty this year, we will have a thematic table dedicated to the dishes of the world.

This year we are also going to take a step forward in the gastronomic offer for the little ones. You know that we are a hotel that always thinks about them and we have always worked to adapt to your requests: allergens, intolerances, purées, porridges, omelettes and others. There is nothing nicer than showing you that we want to take care of you and your smiles when we manage to adapt to your needs. In the case of children this is very important, as it is hard for them to see so much food and not be able to eat it.

This year we offer you a menu of purees for children!! Yes yes, purees! vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, etc. always free of allergens and, also upon request, you can include other ingredients to personalize your puree even more. On request we will also prepare fruit purees for snacks, always with a base of seasonal and natural fruit.

More attractive picnics

Another improvement this year will be picnics. After listening to your comments, we have redesigned the offer to make it more attractive to your tastes and requirements. We are working so that, through the app, you can send us your orders of purees and picnics, without having to go to the reception.

I don't want to forget to mention the breakfast, the main service of a hotel, where you will find a natural juice station that we prepare at the moment, the seeds and nuts station, our show-cooking of eggs, the natural cut fruit station, the milk corner, where there are more than 6 types of milk among local milks and drinks of soy, oats, rice, etc. For those with a sweet tooth, our selection of freshly baked pastries is also available.

Last season in the kitchen department we learned to work more in the dining room due to the restrictions we had to apply because of covid. Although as of today we still don't know which restrictions we will open with, we will surely continue working with some of them. These restrictions allowed us to gain in customer service and quality in the final product, more elaborate dishes, less manipulated, more mono portion that gives us play to a better presented product and at the same time more appetizing.

Tomás Cano
Chef of the Royal Son Bou

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