3 perfect family excursions to do in Menorca

Sharing holidays with children means having several plans ready to enjoy different family experiences. In Menorca the beaches and water activities are usually preferred, but you can also organize some original and fun excursions such as those offered by Kiko, your private tour guide.


He knows the island very well and has traveled the countryside, ravines, rural roads and other entertaining places living interesting adventures. Your children will get excited recognizing plants, stones and animals and learning old stories and legends that they will always remember.

1.- A medieval road in Barranco de Algendar

Barranc d'Algendar en Menorca

Camino Real, an old road from the medieval period that was traveled in cars or horses by people from Mahon to Ciutadella, passes through the Barranco de Algendar. It is one of the most beautiful rural landscapes of Menorca.

The trail is full of legends that you can read in the signs that you will find: one of the Cross of Son Gornés, one of the Pozo de la Perdiz Blanca, ... Each one of these signs suggest activities that you can do in the tour as identify the most common aromatic herbs that you find and recognize them by their smell. Children will enjoy trying to guess all of them.

At times seems that the trees are inclined forming a passageway to give you shade and the white rocks and the rock wall delimit the path until you reach the last section, the Cuesta de na Salema.

It is essential to make a stop on the way to rest in the Cueva Real, used years ago by farmers and hunters to protect themselves. It was a house in prehistory and, although it is not very large, it is the ideal place to sit and enjoy its cool temperature.

In this part of Barranco de Algendar, in Ferreries, children will have fun when they see some of the animals that live there. The quiet turtles that eat along the side of the road, the birds of prey they will see flying in that elegant way that seems floating in the air, and, of course, the cows that graze in the green fields that surround the entire path.

2.- An adventure in the Natural Park of La Albufera de Es Grau

Avistamiento de aves en Menorca con niños

There are more than 5000 filds hectares, beaches and coves, lagoons, Den Colom Island, the Favàritx lighthouse, ... a great place to discover the most natural Menorca and privileged landscapes. It is the Natural Park of Albufera de Es Grau, the core of the Biosphere Reserve.

The Rodríguez Femenias reception center, on the road from Mahón to Es Grau, has a small exhibition about the different ecosystems of the park. They offer you there all the explanations about the 3 itineraries that you can choose, all of them easily accessible so you can prepare a fun family outing.

The first itinerary, Sa Gola, takes you to Es Grau beach by a path surrounded by large trees. The viewpoint, with a spectacular view of the lagoon and the animals that live there, is one of its attractions. It is interesting how the entrance of salt water to this freshwater lagoon is regulated. You will see it from the bridge at the beginning of your journey.

The second itinerary, Santa Madrona, has several wooden screens on its route so that children can observe the water birds without disturbing them. A bit of silence and we will enjoy their games in the lagoon.

The third itinerary, Mirador de Cala Llimpa, is one of the easiest to cross and ends at Punta de na Verda, from the bottom you can see the white houses of Es Grau. The Biel Observatory, a small wooden house with drawings of all the birds that live in the area, allows you to see them in nature, in their own habitat, and recognize them through the images. Cormorants, ducks of all colors, tortoises, ... the children will be so entertained that they will love to stay there for a while.

3.- Magical route through the Quarries of S'Hostal

Ruta mágica por las Canteras de S'Hostal en Menorca

This impressive place, which about 20 years ago stopped working as a quarry, has become a space where you can learn how to work the marés stone typical of Menorca. Its cuts in the high walls, the botanical gardens, shady corners by trees, the labyrinth in which the children will be lost and enjoy trying to find the exit, ...

A well signposted route will take you on the paths that have already been rehabilitated. You will see the Totem, a high stone sculpture formed by the cuts that the stonemasons made and you will hear the sound of the water of the medieval garden.

The botanical gardens have the names of all the plants that have been incorporated adding color to a simple white and ocher stones landscape that seem scratched by the work of old stonemasons.

In addition to visiting these facilities you can also go to the Wildlife Recovery Center located in the same area. It's like a hospital for animals. The children will love to see how they are cared for and the explanations of the leaders who take care of them until they are cured and can return to their natural habitat.

Every summer among the high walls, different cultural activities are organized: theater, music, ... says that the acoustics is amazing and, also, when the sun goes down, shadows make fun shapes on the walls.

Other family activities

El campo de menorca

Because you do not always want to go to the beach, from the Royal Son Bou Kiko recommends other activities in which children will enjoy fun experiences. Menorca has beautiful places that are worth knowing and walking through the countryside, in the middle of nature, it is always an opportunity to enjoy the fauna and flora and discover new spaces, stories and legends that will be taken as a souvenir of your vacations.

Do not forget to wear always propper footwear for walking and drinking to cool off during excursions. If you have already done some with your family, which one would you recommend us?

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