3 things you can not miss with children in Menorca

Children love Menorca. It is an island that suggests them many adventures. They can perform fun water activities, discover small forests, walk around Camí de Cavalls, the path from which the British soldiers watched the sea through which the pirates sailed, ... Menorca is made to fit children and is full of places that stimulate their fantasy.


From the Royal Son Bou Family Club we recommend 3 things that your family should not miss during your visit to Menorca.

1.-     Es Grau, a beach in a natural park

On an island with more than 100 beaches and coves, There is something for all tastes: urban or virgin, with white sand and surrounded by vegetation or with a reddish sand that highlights the blue of the sea.


We recommend you to visit a beach with calm water and where children can do a lot of activities: Es Grau. Fine sand, shallow sea and just next to a small fishing village of the same name where you will find restaurant services and shops.

The beach is guarded by a lifeguard and you can rent a pedal skate or a kayak and go with the children around the small coves. Or get to Isla den Colom, a small nearby island.


At the entrance to the beach, near the parking, you will see a tongue of water that leaves the Albufera towards the sea, the gola. You are in the core of the Natural Park of Albufera des Grau, a beautiful place to give for a fun walk and see the birds that rest in its water, such as herons, or the turtles that walk along the roads.

Es Grau is very close to Mahón, about 6 kms to the north. It is one of the most familiar beaches of Menorca.

2.-Sailing through the port of Mahon, the largest natural port of the Mediterranean

It is more than 6 km long and it says that whoever arrives by boat to Menorca never forgets the entrance to the port of Mahon. A place full of stories that will excite the children: battles of the British sailors, the entrance of the pirates who conquered Menorca, the islands in the middle of the port and the Lazareto until reaching the Cala San Esteban where the San Felipe castle and the Fort Marlborough were watchtowers and resting place for soldiers and sailors.


A boat trip allows you to see the two shores of the port: sailboats and llaüts, the cliffs and the city of Mahón on high. To pass near Isla del Rey, or Bloody Island, where an old hospital is being rehabilitated and can be visited every Sunday. Or the Lazareto, the island of quarantine, where boats and sailors stopped before entering the city.

If you go in the yellow catamarans that start next to the old maritime station, they will take you to the Cala de San Esteban, outside the port, where children will enjoy the two submerged rooms from whose windows they will see the fish and sea bottom of the area.


These are the new excursion boats of the company Yellow Catamarans, associated with the Royal Family Rewards, an exclusive card of our hotel that offers discounts and advantages in your holidays in Menorca.

3.-     The S'Arangí forest

Almost in the center of the island, near Es Mercadal, there is a public estate with three itineraries through small forests in which your children will become explorers among nature: S'Arangí. 


The children will run along the roads, climb the gentle cliffs and visit the caves that they will find on the path marked with wooden color poles of the chosen route.

The blue route, of 446 meters, is quite flat and ends in an area with tables and wooden benches under the trees. Ideal to enjoy a good snack. The excursion takes about 20 minutes.

The green route, of 488 meters, is classed as medium difficulty, with some climbs between rocks to reach an area of climbing that your children will love.

The red route, 2116 meters, is for older and adventurous children. It takes you to the top of Mount Puig Mal, near a large rock that in Menorca is called "The rock of the Indian" because from the road looks like the head of an Indian with the typical feather headdress.


It is an experience in a natural environment and, in some wild stretches, allows children to live a special outdoors adventure.

It has been difficult to recommend only 3 activities to do in Menorca because the island, although small, offers many different possibilities for children to have fun and spend a few days of unforgettable holidays. What would you recommend?

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