3 cultural visits for children in Menorca

Family vacations are for resting and breaking with the school and work routines but also open to children a world of new experiences: they are in a country or place far from their usual environment, they listen to other languages and they meet children from different cultures. Do you know how can you enjoy at the same time you know the history and culture of Menorca?


From the Royal Son Bou Family Club we recommend 3 visits for you to enjoy the whole family

1.- The Museum of Menorca teach the history to the children

From the first settlers to the present, with interactive boards and a room specially dedicated to children. The Museum of Menorca, renovated and modern, will make you spend a few hours entertaining sharing activities with the family.


Would you like to dress like the Menorcan did in different periods? Or play with the corsairs’ card? They were pirates but they had permission from King George III of England to attack and rob enemy ships. Do you dare to decipher the messages found in some prehistoric sites? With the keys that the Museum gives you, I am sure that the children will achieve it.

Under the motto "Playing with history" the Museum of Menorca offers children fun activities and there is also a cave to enter where they can feel like an old inhabitant of the island! To Know the coins that have been on the island, the rituals that were held in the villages, jewelry that was made more than 1000 years ago, ... The visit to the Museum becomes a great adventure for children.

Among other things, you can know all the information about the Paleochristian basilicas on the island. One of them sure you have visited when you go to the beach from the Royal Son Bou Family Club.

The building is impressive, it is next to the Church of San Francisco, in Maó. It was an old convent and has become the place that preserves and keeps all the secrets of Menorca.

It is open every day, except on Mondays, and you can book a family visit in which a guide gives you all the explanations you need.

2.- The circular houses of Torre den Galmés


Very close to Son Bou is the most extensive and important prehistoric town of Menorca. It has 3 talayots, monuments of large stones that served to detect and communicate with other villages, a taula enclosure and several caves.

But the most curious thing about the town of Torre den Galmés are the circular houses. His remains can only be seen in Menorca. Built with stones they have several delimited spaces: the kitchen, the bedroom, the food store, a workshop to work the ceramics or to make manufacture fabrics and they even have a small place for the domestic animals that lived with them. The children will be able to visit them all.

An outdoor patio and a curious system for collecting rainwater are other features that have been discovered in the 27 houses that have been found, although they believe there will be more. If you go in summer you will see many students and archaeologists from different countries who take advantage of the holidays to continue the excavations of this interesting place.

The taula of the town fell and is not preserved but in that enclosure a small bronze Egyptian figure was found representing the demigod Imhotep. If you've been to the Menorca Museum, you've surely seen it. Imhotep was the architect of the step pyramid of Saqqara, in Egypt.

The route is well marked with explanatory signs of each area. And, before entering the town, there is an information center open every day except Monday. This day the entrance is free and the rest costs € 3, € 1.80 for children.

3.- All the crafts of Menorca in the Artisan Center

Do you know how the stone walls that you see bordering the roads of Menorca are made? The stones are placed without anything that unites them, they just fit together into one another, with great care, creating this unique landscape of the Menorcan countryside.


In the town of Es Mercadal is the Artisan Center of Menorca. An excellent sample of 16 of the usual ancient trades of the island. The riverbank carpenters who make the wooden boats, the beekeepers who collect the honey from the bees, the cheese makers who prepare that cheese that children like so much, ...

This center has been renovated very recently and now has interactive elements that make the visit very fun because children can perform different educational activities. How do the trades sound? Do you know how to distinguish their sounds? Do you know what materials each of these artisans uses? You can discover this, and much more, and spend a very entertaining day with the family.

Surely the children are interested in knowing how to make the typical sweets of Menorca. Those candies so tasteful! Or to work as "traines" assembling the puzzles of each trade. And, of course, they will want to climb into a saddle and photograph themselves with the illustration of a horse behind. It will only be one of the great memories that will be taken from this center.

Jewelers, shoemakers, dressmakers, blacksmiths, ... even children after seeing this sample are determined to devote themselves to one of these artisan crafts.

The Artisan Center of Menorca opens from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and admission is free.


To enjoy the family vacations and discover the culture and history of the place you visit is a way to expand your knowledge in a fun way. Menorca has an interesting Mediterranean culture very influenced by the people who have dominated it over the centuries. He has collected teachings and customs from all of them, above all from the British but also from the French and the Arabs, who make it a peculiar and interesting island. What Menorcan custom is the one that has surprised you the most?

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