5 fun things you can do together with children in Menorca

Children enjoy doing outdoor activities and staying in contact with nature. Menorca gives you the possibility to explore roads and corners by land or sea, to perform a physical exercise that stimulates and entertains them. Sharing those moments with the family will turn your vacations into unforgettable ones. Which one of the activities do your children prefer to do?


From the Royal Son Bou Family Club we give you 5 ideas to spend a few days entertaining discovering Menorca in the most authentic way:

1.- Padding a kayak in the bay of Fornells

Kayak en Fornells con niños en Menorca

Fornells is the ideal place for water activities because its water is very calm and the coast has small secluded coves where you can rest in the sun.

It is 28 kms from Son Bou and has a special charm. Kayaking the coast of the port will be an adventure that children will live with enthusiasm:

  • Approach paddling to one of the 3 islets: dels Porros, dels Ravells and Sargantanes. With luck you will be able to see the "sargantanas", a species of lizard from Menorca,

  • Discover the virgin coves: S'Arenalet, Cala Rotja, s'Era, ...Perhaps you will find the free goats that come up to drink in a cove called Cabra Salada. They scratch the sand with their legs until they reach the mass of fresh water below. It is the perfect place to eat and relax for a while. There are not usually many people because of the long access by land.

  • and if the children are not very young and you want to leave the bay you can paddle along the north coast and visit some of the caves situated between the rocks of the cliffs. They were the pirates' favorite ones to hide their treasures.

2.- Pack- riding for El Prat de Son Bou

Excursión a Caballo en Son Bou Menorca

There is an important wetland between the beach and the residential development. The fresh water that comes down from the ravines of Son Boter and Es Bec and the salt water that filters from the sea have made this place the ideal place to see birds and enjoy nature.

If you join a horseback excursion, there are some of them specially designed for children, you will love the landscape. On one side, the white rocks ravines and green vegetation. The other, the dunes and the sea. Passing the stone bridges over the torrents, the path reaches Atalis, the unspoiled cove of Son Bou. And, from there, the path goes along the coast to Santo Tomás.

Menorca has its own noble and quiet race’s horses, that makes it safe to keep going into your family has a different and fun experience in their holidays.

3.- With British soldiers at Fort Marlborough

Vista puerto de Mahón desde el fuerte

Learn about history and see how British soldiers lived in Menorca almost 300 years ago. To visit the tunnels of a military construction dug in the rock. And, from the top, see the entrance to Mahón Port and the cannons pointed to the troops that arrived by land.

Fort Marlborough recreates life in those moments. You will hear the soldiers work in the underground galleries, how they drew water from the wells, stored their food, slept and decided the maneuvers while keeping watch the ships that tried to enter the port.

It is located in Cala San Esteban, in the municipality of Es Castell, 25 kms. from Son Bou and there is a car park at the entrance to the cove where you can leave the car and to arrive at Fort Marlborough by a small stretch of Camí de Cavalls.

It will be an adventure for children they will always remember. Seated among the cannons, they will imagine themselves to be soldiers ready to defend Menorca.

4.- Practicing snorkeling in Cala Morell

Snorkel en Cala Morell en Menorca con niños

Diving goggles, snorkel, fins and look forward to see colorful fish that hide among the rocks or octopi that are camouflaged in the sandy bottom. Starfish, snails, mussels ... you will have to make an effort to explain the children what each of the animals that you find in the transparent waters of this bay are.

Cala Morell is very well protected from the winds because it is located between two high cliffs. The one on the left has a rock on top that looks like an elephant. The one on the right houses the remains of a prehistoric town.

Although the beach is small there are several stone platforms from where you can begin to explore the abundant marine life of the area. The left of the cove is not very deep. An insurmountable place for children to enjoy the show.

It is 42 kms. from Son Bou, near Ciutadella, north of Menorca.

5.- Arriving to Cala Macarella by Camí de Cavalls

Playa de Macarella en Menorca con niños

An excursion on a trail among trees which arrives to two of the most beautiful virgin coves of Menorca: Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta. The Camí de Cavalls is a route of 185 kms. that borders the coast of the island and will guide us there from Cala Galdana, residential development at 30 kms. from Son Bou.

A walk of about 45 minutes without any difficulty because the only slope is saved with comfortable wooden stairs. There are four well-signposted viewpoints that is worth, while spending sometime in the way. The colors and transparency of the Mediterranean Sea will surprise you and the children will love to finish the walk to take a good dip.

Next to Cala Macarella there is a large pine forest and a restaurant where you can eat and even shower (€ 1) to remove the salt from the body. And now you're there, continue to Cala Macarelleta. It is a small white sand cove. Diving in the area or kayaking the caves of the cliffs will be a great experience.

Menorca is ideal for practicing different, refreshing and fun activities with children most of the year. Its mild climate, the variety of its beaches (more than a hundred), its history and prehistory, its fields, ... What idea would you add to our 5 recommendations to spend an entertaining family day?

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