5 ideas to discover Menorca with children

On vacation with the family and willing to explore the island? Children are always ready to live new adventures and get carried away by fantasy. Menorca has places where their tireless imagination, can create games and fun experiences. Do you know that the family can help them develop their creativity?


From the Royal Son Bou Family Cub we suggest 5 ideas with which the children will entertain themselves and discover the island playing:

1.- Let’s go to the zoo?

Different species of monkeys, swans and geese, horses and raptors, turtles and snakes, ostriches and kangaroos, deer, ... and all in a space surrounded by trees, with a picnic in the shade. It is the Lloc de Menorca, ideal to spend a great day with your family.


The children enjoy in the enclosure dedicated to the goats because they can enter it and caress them without danger. Little goats who come and play with their legs. And you can feed them!

All the animals that live in the Lloc de Menorca have been welcomed thanks to projects with European animal rescue centers. Here they find a home and a family that takes care of them. Do you want to know their stories?

It is exciting to touch a 4 meter long snake, see how the lemurs eat in their forest and observe the flight of the eagles. The children will have a fun experience and, in addition, they can finish the visit by having a good time at the zoo's playground.

The Lloc de Menorca is part of the companies associated with the Royal Family Rewards.

2.- A boat trip through the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean

Who would like to sail on a yellow catamaran through the port of Mahón? Surely all the children sign up for the trip. And when they discover that the catamaran has two submerged rooms with side windows from which you can see the underwater landscape, they will love it!


It measures 6 kms in length. It is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and the second largest in Europe. The Island of the King, The Lazareto, the fortress of La Mola, ... are centuries of adventures that have happened in its waters because it has been one of the most coveted ports by the different civilizations that have visited Menorca.

Yellow Catamarans, one of the companies associated with the Royal Family Reward, offers an entertaining ride to Cala San Esteban, at the mouth of the port, and its guides tell you the interesting stories lived in this place.

Oh! And when you get off the catamaran do not forget to take a walk to meet the Little Mermaid Mô, it's an almost obligatory visit. Take the camera to keep a good memory

3.- To Monte Toro mountain

It is the highest mountain in Menorca, 358 meters, and is almost in the center of the island. It is not a big mountain because the island is very flat but from up there you can see all of Menorca surrounded by the sea and it is impressive!


The green fields, spaces limited by the stone walls, the ravines, the forms of the coast, ... is another way to discover the island.

The legend of Monte Toro tells that some monks saw a light on the top of the mountain and decided to climb the path, but halfway there, a furious bull blocked their way. When he showed him the crucifixes that they carried, the bull tamed and led them to a cave. There was the light and a wooden sculpture of a virgin with a child in her arms. For this reason, the sanctuary that is there is dedicated to the Virgin of the Bull.

Nearby there is a white stone sculpture. She is a woman who looks at the sky and remembers the Menorcan who once had to leave the island to seek their fortune in other places in Africa or America.

4.- A prehistoric "cathedral"

For the first inhabitants of the island it was a sacred place but they call it "The Cathedral" because it is the largest cave in Menorca: Cova dels Coloms or Cueva de las Palomas.

It is a fun family outing when the children are not very young. We crossed the beach of Binigaus, in Es Migjorn Gran, and began to walk along the path of the ravine of large white rocks. It is 2.2 kms until you reach the impressive cave.


It is 24 meters high, 100 meters long and 15 meters wide. In the excavations that have made some archaeologists discovered two bronze horns, bones, and pottery vessels from the Talayotic period, almost 3000 years ago.

The adventure of going up to this cave is surprising because very close we find the Cueva de Na Polida. You can not enter until the end because there lives a large family of buzzard bats and has been closed to protect this animal species

The best thing to finish this walk is to go back to Binigaus beach and have a good dip. The water is so clear that you can see the seabed and the fishes that swim to the delight of the children that will play to follow them.

5.- Walking through the history of Ciutadella

Our mascot Kiko recommended us to visit Ciutadella by bicycle. What a great idea! It is a very flat town and pedaling along the promenade, seeing the boats of the small and beautiful port, the lighthouse, entering the castle of San Nicolás, a defense tower of more than 200 years ago, and ending at Playa Gran, is a fantastic excursion.

Are we going to the center of the city? The 22-meter high obelisk in the Plaza del Borne is a reminder of the resistance put up by the inhabitants of Ciutadella in the face of the attack of the Turks in 1558. And afterwards, strolling through the streets and its arcades, watching the shops or sit on a terrace in the shade to rest.


Do we visit the market? It is beautiful with its green and white colors and the best products of Menorca: fresh fish, meat and sausages typical of the island such as sobrasada or butifarrón. What a good sandwich we can eat to recover energy and follow the route!


There are many places to discover in Menorca that will leave your family with good memories of your holidays. Outdoor activities, contact with nature and visiting places with history stimulate the curiosity of children and collaborate in their development. Which corner of Menorca has attracted you more than you have visited

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