5 tips for encouraging children to read

Inculcate that for our children the plesure for reading can be without doubt one of the best gifts we can offer them in life.

Reading plays a major role in their learning and development since it promotes the linguistic skills and at the same time exercises their brain for the acquisition of languages.


It boosts their emotional and psychological growth and gives them the opportunity to experience sensations and feelings that make them enjoy, mature and learn.

All are advantages, this is clear. But how can we get our children to like reading in a so digital environment like ours?

We propose the following 5 tips:

  • Be an example: it will be easier for a child to start liking to read at a home where their parents also like to read. They realize that it is a habit which is part of the family culture and by imitation it is easier for them to copy the habit.
  • Stimulate their interest: reading should be fun and never an imposition. Books must not be inserted in a everyday environment for a child, only when they start school or whilst they are learning to read. The contact with books should begin soon.
  • Read out loud: it's an ideal practice that strengthens ties with child and family. Dedicate each day a bit of time to share the pleasure of reading with your children, away from distractions like the television.
  • Encourage them to participate. Ask them what they imagine what can happen to a character, or even encourage your children to guess what will happen in the end.
  • Give books as a gift: a book becomes a prize. Whenever you have to reward your child with something important, give him a book on his favorite subject.

“To travel far, there is no better ship than a book”. Emily Dickinson

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