Discover the Kitchen of the Royal Son Bou Family Club

Maybe you didn’t know when you get into our restaurants ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast or a tasty dinner, a long process which begins well before you arrive to the hotel is internally complete.

At Royal Son Bou Family Club, safety and hygiene are for year part of our daily work, but now, with the new policy measures that will govern all tourism establishments, these requirements will be more present than ever.

We invite you to learn more about our kitchen, what processes will best guarantee the safety and hygiene of our dishes, what is being done to ensure that a product follows all the steps from the moment arrives to our Commissary and reaches your plate.

It all begins in winter, when the hotel is closed. Tomás Cano, our Cheff, starts with the planning of the menus. A long list of raw material purchases, with which we can create menus will be obtained with the menu planning.

From the second the merchandise enters the hotel kitchen, a sampling is carried out, the batch numbers and temperature are noted, it is stored in the right place and from that our Chef and all the team can start.

It fills a sheet for each plate, its own recipe, the batch number and the supplier of raw material. In this way, the faulty product can be easily located.

All data are entered in a database linked to our HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a mandatory document for hotels to manage food safety.

Once the plates file has been filled in, we use to continue the produce. Our offer is based on many vacuum elaborations, long low-temperature cooking in order not to damage the raw material, with more sanitary guarantees and that keeps all the food flavour to the maximum.

All our stocks its computerized, we know at all times what finished product is in each of our chambers. When the is hotel open, these stocks are highly dynamic, a product or dish served in the buffet is deducted from the total of the available stock. This means all the information allows to plan properly all the productions necessities are available to Tomás.

Before offering you a buffet dish we regenerate it, that is, we increase its temperature until 75º to prevent the germs and bacteria growth. Once on the buffet, our chefs follow a temperature control quality system to ensure that all dishes are in their proper temperature range. If we detect that any food is outside that range, we discard it from the buffet.


We always work with flows of raw food on one side and cooked food on the other, so that they do not cross and thus avoiding any potential cross- contamination. Our cooks work with different coloured cutting boards depending on how they handle meat, fish, etc. to guarantee the health regulations.

All fieldwork protocols are regularly reviewed from the moment the stoves start working. An external laboratory takes samples of different products, evaluates the cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen utensils, work area, the facilities where our cooks work, etc. and show us instantly of any irregularities they observe.

Of course, ongoing training of all staff is vital to sustain the whole system. In the training we remind them of all the guidelines they must follow in their daily tasks to ensure safety and hygiene in our offer.

We are currently working on how reinstate all the news that the health authorities in charge of fighting against Covid 19 are dictating to us. We are rethinking the areas and looking for solutions to continue to ensure the safety for you and our staff. We will keep you informed about all the news.

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