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Kiko´s first dive en el Pont d'en Gil

​I really wanted to go diving and today, finally it is the day! I'm going to go out with a group of the Son Bou Scuba diving center. We are off to the Pont d'en Gil, a natural bridge that is formed in the rocks of the cliffs near to Ciutadella.

The Pont d'en Gil is 15 meters high and below it, only small and medium boats can pass by when the sea is calm. We will get to know the cave of Sa Cigonya (Stork) which is very close and although you can see it from land on, it can only be accessed from sea.

Bottles to breathe underwater with

I know quite well how to swim because I learned to in the pools at the Royal Son Bou Family Club. I also practiced a lot in the sea at the fabulous beach of Son Bou. I´ve dived before with a mask, snorkel and swimming fins but never with bottles filled of air.

This will be my first dive in the sea breathing with bottles. They call is a "baptism", when you do it for the first time.

nullThe monitors have given us very clear instructions of everything we have to do once we are in the water. The sea is very calm and it´s bright blue! So…it's time!

An adventure at sea

Swimming here is fantastic and along the walls of the cliffs we have seen many fish. Some with yellow tails are swimming near to us. Then suddenly a lobster pulls his head out of a hole between the rocks. He is watching and observing us.

nullWe have reached the entrance of the cave and it's very exciting but, for a moment, I have gotten a little scared because it is so big!

A cave of 300 meters deep

One of the monitors has entered in with me to get to the first part of the cave. I have not yet used the bottles and when turning around, you can see the sunlight shining onto the water which makes the sea all colorful.

The cave is nearly 300 meters long and the scuba diving team says it is the best you will see in the western Mediterranean. Now it´s time to dive and to get to see the cave with its stalactites and stalagmites. I cannot wait to see them!

All starts with a drop of water!

I dive below the rocks and it looks amazing. Having the monitor next to me has given me a lot of confidence and I think I'm dreaming.

nullDo you know that stalactites and stalagmites begin form a drop of water? It is mineral water that accumulates and creates kinds of columns that come to join and make a form. The stalactites you see in the ceiling of the cave and stalagmites on the ground.

They are rare, very slippery and have many colors. We have to use lanterns on the walls of the cave to not miss anything. Oops, a fish just entered from the rocks and swims rapidly towards the exit.

Swimming under the bridge

As I am a rookie, I have not gone far into the cave. I prefer to swim under the Pont d'en Gil and whilst doing that, I've crossed some people who did the same. At the distance, some people greet at me in a boat. At sea they all greet each other with a smile on their face and I like that.

From here on the cliffs are very high. There are two young men that are climbing up the cliffs. Climbing is a type of sport here. They are climbing the rocks in bathing suits and special shoes to avoid slipping.

Heroes without harness

It seems to be very dangerous. I've been watching them working their way up. They place their hands and feet in the crevices of the rocks and work their way up, bit by bit, without any hurry. And if they do not cling their harness well, they can fall from many meters high into the water!

nullThey are very brave. From the land on there are many people watching them. I have been told during the evening many people gather in this area and they come to see the sun go down at Pont d'en Gil.

An experience I will repeat

Now we are heading back to Son Bou. I'm looking forward to going to Club Kikoland and tell my friends all about this great experience. I'm sure you'll go and dive with the Son Bou Scuba dive team as they are also part of the associated Royal Family Rewards companies.

I also want to prepare a tour to go to the Camí de Cavalls to see the Pont d'en Gil from land on. Have you ever dived into an underwater cave? Do you know any in Menorca?


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