Family People

Family People

Sofie, Toni, Martí, Rosa, Sara, Men, Paco, Andrei, Dunia, Margarita, Juan, Fabiola, Tomás, José, Yolanda, Raquel...are part of the 180 staff members working in our hotel. 

Have you heard of them? Have you ever heard of the Royal Son Bou Family People?


We are sure that some of them have served you a cocktail before, or have prepared your apartment to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your holiday. They have indicated you places to visit which you should not miss whilst staying with us and have even prepared a delicious dish to enjoy in one of our restaurants...Yes indeed...Our Family People are the staff of the Royal Son Bou, led by Tumeu Janer and Arantxa González that make it possible for this place to come to life.

  • Our Family People are in charge to make sure everything is ready on the day upon your arrival. They are the ones that make your children spend an unforgettable holiday, even making Kiko, Cuqui and Hooky come to life.
  • Our Family People are the one who cares about your comfort and that of your children. They are behind your rest and entertainment. They are the ones that do not forget your birthday, or that of your children. They are the ones that thank you for trusting us year after year.
  • Our Family People are those who make you their protagonists. Each family is different and unique at the same time and your holidays must be the best moment for you to enjoy with them...We, therefore, will continue to take care of you...
  • Our Family People are the ones that will always stay at your disposal during the time you are with us and the ones that strive to created good memories for you to bring home with you...

Thanks for trusting us...!

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