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Funny animals indications for the little ones!

Do you know what C321 means?  And G432? D711? Well, they are the names of our apartments. 

Each apartment has a letter and 3 numbers associated. The letter points to the block (from A to G). The first number identifies the staircase (each block is divided into stairs that go from 3 in block E, to 12 in block A). And by each floor, we have two apartments that we identified with the last two figures. 

No, don’t get confused!. The stairs are not floors! We have only 3 floors: ground floor, first and second floor. 

Did you get lost? Has it not been very clear to you? ... Have you ever wondered why the stairs of the apartments are identified with an animal? Well, because, as always, in the Royal Son Bou, the children are the ones who guide us and we know that it is not easy for them to memorize all those numbers. Therefore, for them we have fun colorful animals (giraffes, cows, elephants ...) that will allow them to remember more easily the location of their apartment. Better a colorful and funny animal than a number of different figures. What do you think?

If you have already been on vacation with us, we are sure that your children remember the animal they had as a reference. Haven’t  they? If you have not yet come to our hotel, but you are thinking on it, make your children pay close attention to the drawing they will find at the entrance of the apartments. In this way they will feel more secure knowing that they will not become lost.

Which one is your favorite animal?  

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