How we collaborate with our community

As you know in 2011 I took alongside Arantxa González charge of the hotel and we marked two clear lines:

The first is that the hotel is not only a company which maximum objective is to earn the maximum possible money, but that a company is a big family and for that, it was really important to take care of the employees, to involve them in the daily work and in achieving the business goals and making them participate in the project #happyworking.


That is why we have given them this year a bonus for a dinner in our restaurant. It has been a long road in which we are immersed and in which we believe that we are taking steps day by day.

The other part of it is that we had to give back to the community part of what they have given us. For this, it was important to try to make the Family People as well as the people in Minorca, strengthen the link with non-profit entities, especially entities where children are protagonist. In the last years we have maintained collaborations with:

1. Sports Entities:

  • Club Basquet Jovent d'Alaior
  • Club Basquet Ferreries
  • Menorca Basquet

2. Cultural entities:

  • Grup de Majorettes d'Alaior
  • Cornetes i Tamboriners d'Alior Band
  • Grup de Jubilats d'Alaior
  • Cor Illa de Menorca

3. Educational Entities:

  • Mahón Youth Guarantee Group
  • Projecte Impuls de Mahón
  • School San José de Mahón 
  • La Salle de Alaior School

4. NGOs:


5. Others:

  • Sin Dolore Asosiacion. 

We believe that all these values are transmitted in the services we offer our guests. 

Tumeu Janer

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