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Kiko sails with a catamaran along the Harbor of Mahon

We are going to sail along the Harbor of Mahon. We get on the yellow catamaran that will take us to the Cala San Esteban, to the Mediterranean's largest natural harbor.

It is not the first time we do this trip. Hooky and I saw the fortifications of the harbor before and got to know all the stories of the sailors and pirates there once were. It was very interesting!

Dynamite for the Rats Island

Today I´ve come with Cuqui. We are ready to begin a new adventure in which we will learn even more. Did you know that within the Harbor there are 4 islands? 80 years ago there were 5. But one of them, the Rats Island was blown up by dynamites to make it easier to navigate through the waters of the harbor.

nullWe have already talked about the Kings Island and Lazzaretto in the previous trip where we saw the Military Hospital for the soldiers that were hurt during the battles at sea and in Minorca. It was used for people and goods to pass the quarantine before going ashore.

Governor Sir Richard Kane

We boarded the catamaran and see opposite us the Naval Base. Who do you think built it? Cuqui answers quickly:

  • The English in the 18th century did. This was more than 200 years ago. It was also the first naval base that was part of the Marina of the United States outside of its territory.

nullCuqui surprises me and tells me that he has been reading about it when at the harbor getting prepared for the trip:

  • The construction of the base was ordered by the first british Gorvenor in Minorca, Sir Richard Kane. Everything was mud and stagnant water which now is fertile land called the Orchards of San Juan.

  • Cuqui has learned many things. Very good! But now that we are navigating, let's hear what the guide of the catamaran has to tell us.

A House above the sea

We looked at the facade of the harbor which is overlooking the city. There are lots of stairs and hills and what were caves and warehouses for fishermen before, are now restaurants and shops. Here many people walk along the shore, watching the boats and enjoying the scenery.

nullThe other side of the Harbor has lots of vegetation and we see a white house that seems to be built above the sea. This is why it is called Venice. It was summered by Richard Branson, a major British businessman.

Colorful blinds

There are some small stone and sand coves: Cala rat, Cala Llonga,..Where we see people fishing and swimming.

We pass the Isla del Rey and we see some beautiful sailing ships returning to the Harbor. The guide tells us there is a lot of tradition in the practice of water sports and many events are organized. This is the Vintage Boat. The crew greets us when sailing through.

nullSailing knots

Before arriving at the Lazaretto, we see a small island, the Isla Plana. On the facade of the building it is possible to read in very large letters: maximum speed 3 knots.

  • What is a knot? Cuqui asks

  • It is a measure of speed that is used at sea. A knot, or a nautical mile is equivalent to 1,852 km per hour.

This small island could soon become a small museum where maritime heritage, old boats made of wood and other traditional boats are preserved.

nullCannons to defend themselves

We leave the Mola and the Torre de San Felipet behind. The guide tells us that near to the tower, is a battery field with 6 cannons that belonged to Menorca when ruled by the British.

We arrive at Cala San Esteban. It is beautiful and they say that it is the best place to see the sunrise. Did you know that Menorca is the first place in Spain where the sun rises in the morning?

The guide tells us that the Lighthouse of the Punta San Carlos helps boats to get into the Harbor. And, furthermore, he tells us about of the Penjat Tower. It was built by another British Governor in Minorca, General Stuart, and from there they were able to protect the San Felipe Castle, which now only has underground tunnel remains.

nullWe return whilst the sun goes down

We are returning to the dock. The trip has been great companied by Yellow Catamarans, which is part of the Royal Family Rewards-associated companies. With them we have been able to live this adventure.

Cuqui wants to return to Club Kikoland and show our friends the photographs that he has taken. Do you know the Harbor of Mahon? Have you ever sailed a catamaran?


  • There are 20 km from Son Bou to the Harbor of Mahon.

  • You can use public transport from Son Bou to Mahon and from there to the Harbor

  • Yellow Catamarans makes several trips a day. The first in the morning, at 10.30 h and in the afternoon, starting at 16 h.


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