San Lorenzo, a festival that´s worth celebrating!

San Lorenzo is a festival that has become a real tradition in the island of Menorca. It is celebrated in the town of Alaior, so Son Bou is also part of its celebration and we want to celebrate alongside with you! 

It starts with a feast at home, where good company of family members and friends is enjoyed along with pastas, cakes and, a typical drink made from dry gin mixed with lemonade.. Its fresh flavor helps to cool down the heat.



The history of this festival is quite unknown. We are talking about a festival, which origins date back to the fourteenth century, with religious reasons. Over the years, they have introduced some acts to differentiate its celebration and nowadays, it has become a tradition known throughout whole of Spain.

The festival is dedicated to San Lorenzo and it began in the chapel of Binixems just after 1301 and survived almost unchanged until 1832-1833, at which time the celebration moved on to be celebrated in Alaior.

How is it celebrated?

For two days long, the town is transformed into a place where people celebrate this spectacular festival, where the horses are the main protagonists, running through the streets and dancing to the music played by the orchestra. The caixers, are those that are led by fabiolers, that ride on their horses through the streets and end their tour with the outbreak of a ¨jaleo¨. This is when they run through the crowd of the streets and people get the chance to touch the horses.

Among the caixers they form a cualcada, with the caixer sobreposat or fadrí, the married, the peasant, the chaplain and the mayor caixer.


In the last 20 years they included a spectacular parade of floats which takes place on the Sunday afternoon. Participating in it are giants and other characters of Alaior.


Where and when?

San Lorenzo takes place during the second weekend of the month, on the 12th and 13th of August in Alaior.

Would you like to experience this spectacular festival? Live this Menorcan tradition and discover the festive culture of Menorca! See you there!


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