Talayotic Minorca at Royal Son Bou Family Club

The Spanish state will present a selection of archaeological sites representative of Talayotic Minorca to the World Heritage Committee as a candidate be considered a World Heritage site.

This is an archaeological complex of exceptional universal value due to its cyclopean construction technique using island stone, authenticity, originality and uniqueness, its chronological time frame and the fact that it is an exclusive witness to a lost prehistoric Mediterranean island society.

In spite of having more than 4,000 years of history behind them, most talayotic monuments have come down to the present in a magnificent state of preservation. The continued use of these prehistoric constructions, in some cases up to the early nineteenth century, as well as their impressive nature, account for this exceptional state of repair.

The density of archaeological sites in Minorca is also unusual, as is their unique integration into the landscape. The island, with a surface of only 700 Km2, has 1,574 archaeological sites, 1,401 of which are catalogued as Sites of Cultural Interest (BIC). In other words, Minorca has two monuments per square kilometre.

The title of this nomination, Talayotic Minorca, derives from one of its most characteristicmonuments: the talayot.

To do our part, we want to contribute to promote the candidacy of Menorca Talayotic with a fun contest where you can participate and invite you to take an active part in the promotion. So will you animate yourself to participate in the promotion of Talayotic Menorca?

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