The ICT at Royal Son Bou Family Club

A new season is coming near…! The new season is introducing itself as fascinating.

The TICs are more and more important both for the users and for the service providers. At Royal Son Bou Family Club we cannot stay behind!

Since I took the hotel lead in the year 2011 we made the decision to adapt ourselves to the new technologies. We had much work to do, but we are reaching the goals:

  • Since years we had paved the way to Google. We were at the Pay per Click campaigns.
  • At the end of February 2012 we introduced our new website. It was a success and reminds so! In the year 2013 the number of website visits has increased more than 89% compared to the total 2011 website visits.
  • The website did not end there! Since then we have tried to improve it every day, every month. We have included an online shop with our merchandising products, high quality downloadable pictures for professionals, an improved offer section, a section for flights, ferrys and transfer reservations, a personalization of the booking process with the possibility to choose your extras and to cancel you reservation, etc.
  • In March 2013 we launched the website A website for the kids, for the Club Kikoland members. On this website the children can find competitions, pictures, activities, crafts…
  • In February 2014 we have launched our new loyalty program “Royal Family Rewards”. We reward our direct clients not only with 2 % discount on the next booking, but also with advantages and discounts at our partner companies.
  • In April we will launch the hotel mobile web. It is an adapted website for mobile devices that makes easier the navigation and the booking process. In Mai 2014 the big surprise for our guests will be the Royal Son Bou Family Club MOBILE APP. It will be a mobile application dedicated to providing updated hotel services information, the most up-to-date entertainment information, restaurants opening times, etc. The guest will be up-to-date informed. For example, the parent can lie on the beach, while are consulting the entertainment program for their kids or the evening show for tonight. At the same time, we achieve one of our goals: sustainable paper use.

And everything to improve to improve our client contact.

Kind regards,

Tumeu Janer

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