We say goodbye to this season 2017

And, one more year has passed and we have reached the end.

Yes, we have reached the end that seemed so far away when we started the season 6 months ago.


Now, our Family People, once again feels intermingled with sadness and joy. Joy because of the work we accomplished and because you have given us the chance to show you the very best of us. For having seen many of you go home with new memories and even wanting to repeat next year again. And joy for all those moments that during these 6 months we have shared with you and our companions.

Sadness because bit by bit, this place, which comes to life thanks to the families visiting us, will remain empty, in silence, something we will never get use to... But this sadness is transformed into enthusiasm and happiness when we start thinking about next season!

At the Royal Bou Bou, on Sunday, October the 15th, we say farewell to our last guests but we will not close the doors for ever as we will continue planning together next year's vacations during the next months. This, as they say, is not a goodbye; it's a SEE YOU SOON! A break to gather strength and welcome you next season 2018 with enthusiasm, joy and energy.

Many thanks to all the families who have trusted in us and made this season 2017 possible! Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

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