Welcome Season 2014!

I look my clock: 03:28 a.m. And the time doesn’t pass! I calculate I have to stand up in no more than 3 hours. But I know I will be not able to sleep.


I am sure I won’t be able to sleep because it happen the same every year. Always on this date: the eve of a new season. It matters little that I have already lived 13 seasons. I feel still the same emotion of the first season. I like it! Despite of the nerves and hurries of the last days, the excitement copes with everything else.

I arrive early to the hotel. An empty hotel without guests but with all the coworker already in uniform getting used again to their ties, skirts and heel shoes.

The housekeepers make the last review in the apartments. Also the last computer control at the restaurants and bar. The kitchen in full operation. The entertainment team waiting for the kids and… The first bus arrives!

While the guests take their luggage and look for a trolley, our first guest comes into the hotel: teddy bear in hand and colored dummy in mouth.

We start up again… Welcome Season 2014!

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