What is exactly Minorca?

Mediterranean Menorca

Menorca is a small piece of paradise within the Mediterranean, a pearl bathed by calm seas and sheltered by a gentle climate:



Natural Minorca

Do you think that Menorca only offers sun, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water? Don’t be deceived – there’s a lot more than that to the island:


Culturale and culinary Minorca

Minorca’s key position in the Mediterranean has been the envy of many different cultures – the Arabs, Romans, British and French all fell in love with the island and left their mark on its culture and cuisine:


Slow Minorca

Time in Minorca has a different meaning: it has its own pace, a slow and serene tempo, in harmony with the setting and the scenery. Menorca is a slow pace, a way of life that it now shares with people who come here:


Source: Simone Lucchini

To sum up Minorca is the real paradise to live in family:


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