Win a free holiday!

Are you spending right now your holidays at the Royal Son Bou Family Club and living some very special family moments? Well, we would like to know about them, therefore, we invite you to participate in our contest of this summer.


What you have to do? We ask you to upload a photo of yourself or with your family when enjoying your best moment during your holidays in our hotel. Which is you BEST MOMENT? Swimming in our pool? Playing in Club Kikoland or having your food one of our  restaurants with wonderful views? We would love to know about it! So do not expect more!

Take a photo and share it with us! How? Enter our Facebook or Instagram profile and upload your photo onto it with your name or your families name and, add the hashtag #royalsonbou. Do not forget to add us as @royalsonbou!

At the end of the season, we will hold a raffle and announce the winner on our Social Networks.

Come on!! What are you waiting for? Win your free vacation!

Read the contest rules here:

Free holiday 2018 - Legal basis


The holder that promotes this is Promoturist SA (Royal Son Bou Family Club), with the purpose of realizing a photographic competition online using social networks such as, Instagram and Facebook. Those that want to participate should fulfill set conditions and be adult recording to the Legal Basis. None of the before mentioned social networks, sponsor, or administrates the promotion or is associated.


In this competition, all users of Instagram and Facebook, globally over 18 years old can participate. During the period of validity of this campaign user need to follow the actions as described in the rules.


The period of the promotion will begin on the 30th of April 2017 at 8.00 and ends on the 18th  of October 2017, at 23: 59h.


The inscription of the completion implies that the participant has an account on the social networks (Instagram o Facebook) and that respects the conditions of these networks. In addition, to participate and be validated, the profile has to be public. To participate and win the prize you simply have to:

- Has stayed at the Royal Son Bou during the summer of 2017

- Become a follower of one of the Social Network account of the Royal Son Bou Family Club.

- Upload a picture of your best moment during your holidays at the Royal Son Bou Family Club. The photo must be taken within the hotel grounds.

- Label the image as #royalsonbou and share it on Facebook or Instagram

- They are not to be third parties included in the picture without permission, if so; the organization will withdraw the photography from the competition.

- Mention us as @royalsonbou

Only images published on Instagram and Facebook that have been labeled and without third parties, are included and will be accepted.  Also, any content that the promoter considers inappropriate or offensive, will not take part in the competition.  

The winner of the contest will be determined by holding a raffle which is held on Thursday, October the 19th 2017. Promoturist, S.A. Reserves the right to publish, in any type of media, for publicity or other purposes, whether or not on the Internet, the name of the winner, as well as the picture taken to participate, without them being able to demand any counterpart or oppose unless they expressly waive their participation in the contest. For which, acceding to participate is understood to give their authorization to the referred use of their name and their image.


Promoturist SA will contact the winners via their Social Networks, leaving a comment on the winning photos, and / or through the channels that are considered to be convenient.

Promoturist SA will announce the winners within a maximum period of 2 calendar days after the conclusion of the campaign and the raffle has been held. In case of not being possible to contact the winner within 15 days, Promoturist SA will be exempted from any responsibility and choose another winner.


The winner’s prize is a free holiday in a Hooky Royal (A1R) apartment with one bedroom, half board during the season of 2017 (depending on availability). The prize cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent nor can it be enjoyed beyond 2018 within the dates the hotel is open and available for.


The participants accept by participating that the contents, data’s and photos that will be published in the Social Networks can be shared with other users. The nature of the participation in this competition implies acceptance of the rules in the Social Media.

Those interested, may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with an official documentation attesting towards the Promoturist S.A (HOTEL ROYAL SON BOU) in Playa de Son Bou, Alaior, Minorca.

The winner that accepts the prize is to consent Promoturist SA to use for the advertisement their name and image for the promotional material that is related to this campaign in Social Media, analog, present and future in the European territory indefinitely and can transfer the data to collaborating companies and suppliers. Each participant represents and takes the responsibility by agreeing to the image rights and all the materials used in this promotion, with prior consent. Whilst enjoying their prize, they have given their image to Promoturist SA and the same circumstances are set such as those that have been explained in the text above.


The mere act of participating in this competition implies full acceptance of the rules explained. The promoter has the right to cancel any participation or any participant, if they suspect any incorrect manipulation of any data in the competition.

Promoturist SA reserves the right to reject or exclude any participation in the contest and the overall promotion of any participant who does not meet the requirements described in these rules and terms of participation or contravene the purpose of the competition rules. Promoturist SA reserves the right to modify at any time the conditions of this promotion, including its possible cancellation before the final time, always with a correct explanation and the compromise to communicate the new basis, conditions of the promotion or the final cancellation, announced and advertised in advance. Promoturist SA is not responsible for any loss of data due to problems with the emails and / or because of bad connection in any Social Network or Internet. Promoturist SA is not responsible for any loss of pictures that users have uploaded in the Social Networks within this competition.

In addition, Promoturist SA excludes all liability for damages of any kind that, despite the security measures, may result improper of use of services and content by users. In particular, even though not exclusively, for damages of any kind that may result from the impersonation of another user by communicating within the portal.

As well, Promoturist SA disclaims all liability for damages of any kind due to misuse, tampering or manipulation of users or unauthorized third parties regarding the general content of this page that try to violate the intellectual property rights by lacking to compliance with the requirements of this web.

Those that cannot participate in the promotion of this competition are employees and relatives in the first degree of consanguinity of the Promoturist SA company.



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