Preparing for traveling with children to Menorca

​Traveling with children can have some complications, but it makes up for being able to enjoy games in the sand with them, bathing in the sea and fun excursions. What's better than spending a few days on family vacations? The children will require you to prepare your trip very well, do we start to organize it?


Are you coming to Menorca?

It is not the same to travel with a baby as with older children who, having more independence, can be involved in the preparations. But at the time of doing the official procedures it will be the same and you will have to spend some time to review what papers you need:

  • If you come from a country of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein you need the passport or the Identity Document of your country. It is not enough with the Family Book and even your baby needs this document that you will have to request in advance, so that your work is not crowded.

  • If you arrive to Menorca from another country, check this official link to know if you need a visa or not, since it will depend on the legislation of each place. If you still have doubts consult with the Consulate or the Embassy of Spain in your country.

  • If you still do not have it, process the European Health Card that is valid in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein. With it you can have medical attention, if you need it, in hospitals and public health centers on the island.

Keep in mind that they do not accept this Card in private centers and that if you do not have it, you will have to pay the sanitary assistance and then ask your insurance to reimburse you the money. If you are in this case, do not forget to ask for invoices

If you do not come from any of the mentioned countries, check with your health insurance the procedures to be performed.

Botiquín para viajar con niños a Menorca

And since we are talking about health, we recommend you to prepare a basic first-aid kit. With the children playing, jumping and running there can always be a small setback that will be solved with a sticking plaster. Save that specific medication you need or, why not? a replacement dummy for the baby. It will be the best medicine, especially if the trip is long for him.

But remember that, if you travel by plane, you will not be allowed to carry containers with more than 100 ml. of liquid.

How do you prepare the children's suitcases?

If your children are no longer babies, involve them in the task of packing. If you propose it as a game, they will have fun. First the clothes, then the shoes, a toiletry bag, some accessory they like and that favorite toy that, when they are small, helps them to feel at home even if they are in another country.

Sometimes we need to fill the suitcase and then there are many things that we do not use. Menorca has a mild climate but in summer there are very hot days. Keep this in mind when you think about children's clothes:

  • It must be fresh and light, suitable for going to the pool or the sea. It is clear that they cannot miss the swimsuits, a cap to protect from the sun and sandals that can be removed and put on easily.

  • For visits to the towns of Menorca or field trips you will have to bring another type of footwear suitable for walking. And do not forget a light jacket if in the evening it refreshes the atmosphere.

  • A set of clothes for each day of your holiday? You do not have to fill your suitcase. At the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club we have laundry service. It will be enough for you to bring clothes for half the days that you are going to spend with us.

What to do with children in Menorca?

What do children need to Travel?

What do we do with the baby seat? You were already thinking about this, right? because the buggy is very important, so you do not have to carry it in your arms all the time. He is more comfortable and you are more rested.

Alquiler de sillas para bebé en Menorca

Whether you travel by plane or by boat, you will not need it much, so you can replace it with a baby carrier bag. And during the holidays? If you want to avoid loading the buggy during the trip, choose to rent one in Menorca. At the Royal Son Bou we have a service that offers you both the buggys and the backpacks, whatever you need.

How many beaches does Menorca have?

The beach is one of the places where your children will enjoy the open air, the water of the sea and their creativity raising castles in the sand. Are you already imagining it? Menorca has more than a hundred beaches and coves to relax in the sun and for children to play and transfer their joy.

And this makes you think that you would need some items to take the children to the beach and to have prudently fun in the sun. Towels, umbrella and a hammock to rest will be essential, but you do not have to bring them in the suitcase. At the reception of the Hotel you will find a service that will avoid you to carry them from your place of origin.

The best 5 beaches for families with children in Menorca​

Well, you have everything ready to travel to Menorca with your family. Do you already have the route organized from the port or the airport to the Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel? To avoid having to change buses, we recommend you to take a taxi or hire our transfer service that will drop you off at the door of the hotel where we hope you will spend an unforgettable vacation.

Playas para familias en Menorca

Are we missing something? Yes, the money. If you do not use the euro in your country you can choose to bring an amount of this currency or change it at the hotel reception. In addition, in most establishments of Menorca you can pay by card.

Do not you have the feeling that we're forgetting something? I think this is very common when we go on a trip and, above all, if the children accompany us. But it is usually nothing important or, have you ever forgotten something that you missed during your entire vacation?

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