"Some you win and some you learn." And this season has served us to learn.

From the moment we decided, in the middle of a global pandemic to start the season at the Royal Son Bou, we consider several factors. The first one, the human factor. We needed to be able to welcome all the usual staff, integrate them, not without effort, into a swamp of protocols and security measures. And, despite the extraordinary situation, the enthusiasm they have put in and the professionalism, have made of this 2020 season a good learning exercise. Here we leave you some reflections expressed by part of our staff who make up our great family.


The Royal Son Bou staff has closed a "short, wonderful and intense" time, says Alex Esbert, from the Animation team. Maravillas Matas, from the Housekeeping department adds to these adjectives, "bittersweet taste, but we have been definitely reinforced." And while some doubt has prevailed during this summer season in Menorca, the Royal Son Bou staff agrees in describing the experience as "safe".

As an example, the opinion of Melani Ligero, who has been working in the Restaurant. "The safety and security measures adopted can be rated as a 10”. In my personal experience I have felt safe. Where there has been ever any doubt, we have been tested to rule out possible contagion. In a month and a half I have been tested 4 times. All the results were negative”. From all the departments particular emphasis is laid on security and deployment measures, which from the management have been explained to all the staff. Also the implement of protocols in all areas, as well as the activation of the alert for contagion, which they had to launch after the positive of a partner. Lorena Castro, who works at the Bar, assures that "our superiors have informed us every day of what was happening." A fact that has helped them “to be united, despite the state of alarm”.

The hardest feeling is perhaps the one they have had to experience in front of the client. Because, if the relationship between teams and colleagues has been closer than ever, even being “more united and more empathetic when it comes to work”, as Alex comments, hugs have been missed. “We are used to having a close relationship, as many of our clients repeat every year. And not being able to give them a welcome hug or simply not being able to seat our babies in the high chairs has been difficult”, says Melani. Her colleagues also highlight this point, that lack of “greetings, hugs and others, especially for the children, whom you take affection from year to year. It has been more complicated for them to handle”, says Lorena.

But at the same time, these same clients, many usual guests at Royal Son Bou, “have been very understanding, so the relationship with them has been perfect” in Alex's words. Maravillas adds that “it must be taken into account that it has also been a different vacation for them than in other years. Fortunately, the great majority have understood it. And "even without hugs and with the smiles covered by the masks, we have tried to give all our love and professionalism so that they will enjoy their vacations", Melani explains.

Aware of the situation and grateful for having been able to work in a particularly short season, Alex notes that “we knew that we were opening not for the benefit of the hotel, but for the benefit of the staff and the happiness of the client. A courage worth mentioning”.

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