Steps towards a sustainable tourism

The European Commission has calculated that, if urgent measures are not applied to reduce plastic waste, in 2030 the cost that must be invested to alleviate the damage to the environment will reach 230,000 million euros. Within the set of plastic waste, there is a type of products, single use plastics, which already represent 70% of the world's marine garbage.


The single-use plastics are around us every day: bags, food containers, sticks, straws, etc. and they are part of the 8 million tons that are thrown into the sea each year.

The Balearic Islands presented a draft bill to eliminate single-use plastic items that could take effect in 2020.


At the Royal Son Bou Family Club, we have always been aware of our responsibility and are working to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment. We believe that in a protected island environment (Biosphere Reserve) and sensitive as ours, with finite natural resources, it is necessary to impose a model of sustainable tourism, so we take over and for years we are working to reach to this goal.

Below, we explain you some of the steps we have taken to try to minimize the environmental impact and reduce plastic waste:

  • Some years ago, we decided to change the plastic cups that were used in the pool for recycled cardboard ones. In addition, we have other reusable polycarbonate cups.
  • This season we decided to eliminate the straws of the soft drinks and combined that we serve in the bar and restaurants. We also remove the straws in the bar and only put them for drinks and certain cocktails. We are also studying the possibility of changing these straws for other biodegradable ones. Only in the month of July we have managed to reduce consumption in 15,000 straws.
  • We have also changed the all-inclusive packaging, which until now were made of plastic, by others made of recycled cardboard.
  • The courtesy amenities that we put in the apartments are no longer wrapped in plastic, but in white recycled paper.
  • We use shampoo-gel dispensers in the bathrooms of our apartments to avoid an important volume of bottles of product.
  • We support the local product to contribute to the reduction of CO2 gases
  • The napkins that we put on the tables of our restaurants are made of recycled material.
  • In our laundry we have opted for a new line of products to wash clothes that allows a safe dosage for our staff and an important reduction of empty contaminated containers (up to 70%). This type of products also allows us to save on water and energy.


They are small acts but they add up a lot at the end of the season. This is the path we want to follow with the help of our guests, another fundamental pillar to achieve our objectives. We will keep you informed of our progress and new measures to collaborate in the conservation and sustainability of our wonderful island.

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