The best 5 beaches for families with children in Menorca

The sea is one of the things that children enjoy a lot in Menorca. Playing with the waves, putting the head underneath the water to dive and see the fish, follow a crab that runs between the rocks, ... it's like an amusement park for them. Look mom, see what I am doing! Their happiness is contagious. Would you like some ideas to take them with you to some of the best family beaches in Menorca?


Menorca has more than a hundred beaches and some of them are perfect for families with children. From the Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel we recommend the following five:

1.- Binibeca, a beach next to the forest

Vista de la Playa de Binibeca en Menorca

This accessible cove situated in the municipality of Sant Lluis, southern part of the island is characterized by its clear waters and fine white sand. There is free parking on the road, about 10 minutes from the beach, and before arriving you will find a small pine forest with tables and benches to eat in the shade of the trees. It will be very useful to spend the hottest part of the day.

A very friendly family atmosphere. Children can play safely on the shore because the sea is shallow and the views are beautiful. There is lifeguard service, rent hammocks, umbrellas and small boats with which you can enjoy a walk near the coast.
It has a nice beach bar in a corner where you can have something fresh or even eat. A secret: in August it is a very busy beach but if you go early, there is a small cove, right location, in which your family will be quite and calm.

And now you're over there, we recommend you visit the fishing village of Binibeca Vell. The children will have a great time walking through its narrow streets between the white houses.

2.- Calan Porter

Vista de la Playa de Calan Porter en Menorca

Also in the municipality of Alaior, south of Menorca between high cliffs, you can find this beautiful calm water cove which look like a natural pool. It has free parking next to and lifeguard services, showers and first aid booth, in addition to several restaurants in the nearby promenade where you can eat. Hammocks and umbrellas and pedal rolled are rented with which you can leave the cove and know the surroundings coast.

When you leave the place, don’t forget to go through the stream where different species of ducks families and tortoises live. Children will have fun watching them splash in the water. And, when you go up to the urbanization, make a stop at the viewpoint. It is a privileged place, with beautiful views and provide with benches to sit and enjoy the last hours of the day.

3.- Arenal den Castell, transparent water

Vista de la playa de Arenal den Castell en Menorca

Now we're going to the north of Menorca. A spectacular beach, large, with white sand and a crystal clear sea that invites you to take a dip. Arenal den Castell, in the municipality of Es Mercadal, is a beautiful bay that, despite having an urbanization next to, retains a great natural charm.

It has all services at the foot of the beach and a large parking at the entrance, next to a lush pine forest. There are hammocks, umbrellas and kayaks to rent and children don’t need to dive to see the fishes because these one live with the bathers. And a few meters away you will find restaurants and shops.

Except when the north wind comes out, Arenal den Castell has calm and clean waters that seem to form a natural pool. Children will enjoy playing in the sand by the sea.

4.- Es Grau, next to the Natural Park

Vista de la playa familiar de Es Grau en Menorca

We continue in the north and we reach Es Grau beach. Undoubtedly the best family beach in the Natural Park of Albufera de Es Grau. Due to the shallowness (you have to walk a few meters until the water cover you) children feel safe and they begin to swim easy.

Next to a small fishing village where you have all the services you need. Would you like to make a kayak trip? You can rent it there and go to the Illa den Colom, an islet located by the entry bay.

Or take a fantastic walk through the Albufera in the late afternoon, where children will discover curious birds that live in a natural and protected environment.

Es Grau beach has a couple of car parks just before passing through a wooden bridge where the fresh water of the park's lagoon joins the water sea.

5.- Son Bou, ideal children’s beach

Playa de Son Bou en Menorca

We return to the south because this list cannot be closed without mentioning Son Bou, the longest beach on Menorca island. Is 2.4 km. long. There is an urban area, with lifeguard services, sunbeds, umbrellas and canoes, showers and children's games. On the other hand, the western area is virgin and lacking services.

Son Bou has a free parking next to it and it will take you time to reach the sand because the children will love to stay and see the ducks that live in the wet area by the one you reach the beach through a wooden walkway.

It is an unmissable visit for your family because its clean and clear waters, white sand and shallowness are perfect for children. Also, if you stay with us you can directly access the beach by the tunnel that goes under the road. Easy and safe access to a place that looks like a paradise for its beauty.

As you see, we give you several possibilities. Reaching to the beach by car is very good if you have babies but if children can already walk for a while, it is well worth to explore some virgin coves of Menorca. Which ones do you know and which one did your family like most?


  • To make the right decision about the beach where you will spend the day with your family, always check in which direction is coming the wind. If it's from the south, decide to go north and, if the wind comes from the north, choose a southern beach.

  • Don´t forget to take an umbrella with you, caps and sun protection. Between 11 and 2 pm, the sun can burn your skin.

  • If you have to walk to reach to the chosen beach and your children are very small it is better to take them in a baby carrier. Everyone will be more comfortable because pushchairs are not easy to move well between the sand.

  • If you plan to go to a virgin cove and have to walk a little past by Camí de Cavalls, remember to wear comfortable and resistant footwear.

  • Bring water and some food or fresh fruit with you. In some virgin coves there are no services and you and especially children need to hydrate often.

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