The great news is that the closure will not be early, but on 17 October

Dear family,

Last year this very week we were hastily closing the hotel. 2020 was probably the worst year for many of us. Restrictions and fear of travel, lack of vaccinations, etc. meant that the 2020 season lasted just 68 days.


This year 2021 opened on 10 June, more than a month later than we used to open. The great news is that the closure will not be early, but on 17 October.

It is true that we cannot yet speak of normality, as there are still many restrictions in our daily life, such as the use of masks, the safety distance, etc. that make this impossible. In our hotel we are trying to comply with all of them and continue to move towards a certain degree of normality. I remember the phrase of a client we had a few weeks ago who, on leaving the hotel, told me that having spent a few days in our hotel had been like a breath of fresh air, that they had forgotten about the pandemic, that they had felt safe. The truth is that these words are a great encouragement in the daily effort that all the Family People make and, in a way it is our daily objective: to transmit the necessary security so that you, the families, can have a safe holiday in Menorca.

We have worked hard since we opened the doors in 2021 and being able to keep them open until the 17th of October is a great relief for everyone, especially for our workers, who see that this year they will be able to extend the season and in the end with this effort we are also trying to collaborate in giving a boost to the Minorcan economy, which has had a really good month and a half (mid-July to the end of August), but which needs more than a month and a half to survive until next summer.

Those of you who know us already know that we are working towards 2022, to be able to open our doors next spring and to be able to serve you in the best possible way, the only way we understand, by listening to your opinions and making your wishes come true.

Thank you very much

Tumeu Janer
General Director

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