The new Bar Marés opens its doors this 2019

​This winter we have made new reforms in the hotel and one of the most important has been the total renovation of our bar which we have come to call Bar Marés. Why have we chosen this name? Because with this renovation the stone "marés", traditional of the island of Menorca, has become the protagonist.


The stone is part of Menorca landscape. From the prehistoric monuments built by the first inhabitants of the island to the buildings that were built centuries ago or the fortresses that defended the attacks of the invaders and the dry stone walls that can be seen along the island roads.

And of all stones and rocks types, there is one that stands out for being the main material that has been used for centuries on the island construction: the marés.

But what is marés?


The marés is a limestone of the Balearic Islands composed of a mixture of marine fossils and grains of other rocks. Its quality and hardness will depend on the demographic zone of the island and its color can vary from white to ocher, depending on the elements that make up the rock. Being an abundant stone on the island and easy to extract and handle, it became essential in the traditional architecture of Menorca for centuries. But with the use of new materials, such as cement, and the need to build more quickly, the use of marés went into the background.

The marés is extracted from the quarries or "pedreres", as they are called in Menorca. The extraction of the mares was done manually until the mid-nineteenth century, which began to mechanize the process with manual mills and, later on, with mechanical circular blade.

Formerly, the quarries used to be opened next to the construction to extract the quantity that was needed, although it was also common that in the field they opened small quarries next to the house to obtain the marés of the same soil.

To date, 124 "pedreres" have been recorded in Menorca, of which 30 are still active and 6 are part of the prehistory of the island.

Visit to a quarry


There are several disused quarries that can be visited. A perfect plan to have fun with the family, enjoy the outdoors and discover Menorca's past among spectacular landscapes.

With 200 years old, the s'Hostal quarry is the largest on the island. The activity of the quarry ended 25 years ago and, thanks to the association Líthica that works to maintain it, now we can know a place full of corners that never cease to amaze.

The s'Hostal quarry is located near Ciudadela and offers a fascinating landscape. It is divided into different zones including the areas where the stones were extracted and different gardens, such as a botanical circuit in which various native vegetation species are represented. Children will love this adventure, they will learn how to work marés and they can get lost in an authentic labyrinth of stone.

In the summer, sandstone sculpture workshops, concerts and multiple activities and cultural events are organized.

Another quarry that can be visited is Santa Ponça. Although not as impressive as the s'Hostal quarry, its proximity to the hotel and its location in the middle of nature is worth a visit. It is located in Alaior, about 15 minutes by car from the Royal Son Bou Family Club and easily reached from the main road.

The exploitation of this quarry began in the mid-nineteenth century and ended in the 1970s. The high walls retain the marks of the marés extraction and invite young and old to look for shapes in them.

You can take advantage of the visit to the quarry of Santa Ponça to make a family excursion and tour the Barranc d'en Rellotge. The journey is short and easy and your children will have a great time exploring the landscape looking for animals and plants.

Enjoy the new Bar Marés in family


Have you already planned to visit a quarry with your family? You will be surprised to discover such a special landscape. Do not forget to wear comfortable clothes, put on proper shoes and bring water or another refreshing drink. And after enjoying this family outing to get to know Menorca, its nature and its past, how about drinking something in the new Bar Marés?

If you have already enjoyed the holidays with us, surely the Blau Bar is part of your summer memories. And we are sure that in the new Bar Marés you will live unforgettable moments as a family: enjoy a refreshing drink under an umbrella, while your children bathe in the main pool or relax with a cocktail in hand to the rhythm of our Royal Fiesta.

The Bar Marés is open every day from 10: 00h to 24: 00h, so you can treat yourself at any time of the day. An ice cream? A coffee? A soda with ice? A gin and tonic? Order whatever you feel like, sit on one of the two terraces of the bar or inside and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

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