Family Experiences

The Olcelli family, 30 years of friendship in Menorca

Over the years, there are families that overcome the term "client". They transcend the usual concept of what is meant by a guest and the mere fact of seeing them appear at the door is like meeting up with old friends or part of your family. They are part of the hotel because with them we have been writing our own story season by season, for 30 years. And the Olcelli family, Giancarlo, Carla and Laura, have accompanied us all this time, without missing a single summer.


They have contemplated how the hotel has been transformed, they have experienced first -hand the changes that were taking place in our facilities, in our teams, they have commented their feeling and we have learned with them of our achievements and our mistakes. They have grown with us.

It is something of utmost importance considering the enormously variety and amount of tourist offer that exists. That families like Olcelli bet for us year after year, makes us feel absolutely proud to be able to affirm that we have so many repeating families that continue to choose us.


This little girl who smiles on camera in 1991, Laura, (look at the size of the palm trees in the pool!) came to work with us at the Reception and we have seen her grow up like so many other children.

Did you know that back in 1997 there were tables on the bridge that crosses the pool? Other things, like the aquagym, have always accompanied us 😊


We are fortunate in having so many families who visit us year after year, hopefully we can celebrate with many other families, anniversaries like the one we celebrated this year with the Family Olcelli. Thank you for being part of the hotel.

Giancarlo, Carla and Laura, thank you for your love and trust during all this time.

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