We have already the authorization for the Royal Son Bou photovoltaic park

Good news!!! On February 10 we received notification from the Balearic Government's Department of Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory of the authorisation for the Royal Son Bou Photovoltaic Park.

In 2019 (yes... the bureaucratic procedures have taken 3 years, but that is a detail for another day) we upon the initiative to create a photovoltaic solar park that will provide us with enough electricity to be self-sufficient.

We had hoped to have it operational by 2022, but it will be delayed by a year, as work will begin shortly and it will not be until the end of the year when it will become a reality.

In doing this, we want to become the first hotel making CO2 emissions-free in Menorca and the first hotel to be self-sufficient from renewable and sustainable energy, so abundant in Menorca, such as the sun.

This installation is planned for the upper area of Son Bou, right next to the wastewater treatment plant. The hotel has rented land classified as rustic to install the solar panels for a power of 1.188 MWp. The proposed photovoltaic solar plant is planned with 2,424 modules of 490 Wp.

In total, the investment will be around 1.1 million euros. This will mean that we will go from emitting 1,321.95 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere in 2017 to 0 in 2023.

This project will only extol one of the values of the Royal Son Bou Family Club, which has been and is since its beginning, care for the environment and conclude with a vision we had in 2017.

We believe in the Menorca Biosphere Reserve and we are aware that our sector (tourism) is responsible for up to 8% of global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

That is why it is vitally important that we take every possible action to minimise the impact of our activity on this privileged environment.

We have been pioneers since our beginnings with initiatives such as:

  1. To eliminate single portions in our buffets to reduce waste generation.
  2. We provide our guests with recycling bins in the common areas of the hotel and in the apartments to help us to separate waste.
  3. To have a paper and cardboard compacting machine to optimise selective collection.
  4. To minimise the use of plastics in our business.

Three years ago, in order to continue working to improve the environment, we became ISO-14001 certified, establishing an Environmental Management System that demonstrates our commitment to protecting and preserving our environment.

In this way, we can manage the possible environmental risks that may arise as a result of our activity and ensure that we do our bit to preserve Menorca as what it is, a little paradise.

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