What did Kiko learn in the forest of S' Arangí in Menorca?

Today we are going to go on a tour. Cuqui has invited me to go and have lunch at s'Arangí. He says there´s a very beautiful forest and the Peña del Indio that we will certainly enjoy. Time to prepare our backpack!

S'Arangí is a public farmhouse near to the village of Es Mercadal. There are 3 walking trails with variety difficulties: green, blue and red. We have already reached the parking lot and entered the enclosure. There is a sign explaining us all we need to know about the routes.

There are tables and wooden benches to sit down and Cuqui and I have sat for a while deciding on where we will go and have walk.

  • The green route is very easy and there is a picnic area located in between the forest. Here we can play and eat a sandwich Cuqui says. The red route is too difficult to do.

  • We began on the green route and will return on the blue route. The sign tells us that you have to climb up some rocks to reach the climbing area at the Peña del Indio. What do you think? I ask.

  • Okay! Cuqui says and drinks some more water before having to start.

nullPines and Oaks

It is very pleasant to walk between the shades of the trees. We skipped the small bushes and got in between the rocks. We found a cave in which we both could sit. Cuqui wants to stay for the night as if we were explorers. What an idea! I'm sure he would run back once the darkness reaches the forest!

Did you know that one third of the land on our planet is forests? In Menorca there are many pine and oak trees. They are trees that adapt very well to the mild Mediterranean climate.

The top of the oak trees do not let the sun come through and that´s why the earth is wet. This is perfect for the mushrooms. Autumn has arrived and we will soon come to take some and cook them with our friends at the Kikoland Club. Yummy!

nullClimbing rocks

We have come to the picnic area. It's called the conservation area and is an excellent place to rest for a while. Cuqui really wanted to eat his sandwich and we finished the fruit that we brought in our backpacks too.

From here on we can go back on the blue route. You have to climb among the rocks and it seems difficult but there is no danger to it. The trail is well marked by wooden posts with a color on it.

So far we have not seen people but now we hear voices. We get closer and see that there are some young people climbing the big rocks. One of them is full of many holes. They are called "honeycombs" and climbers cling to them to ensure their hands and legs to move up.

null400 Indian years

They almost reach the head of the Indian. From down here you cannot see well because there are many trees, but the head of an Indian Chief with his tuft of feathers is perfectly distinguished from the main road.

We are in an area between vertical walls of stone. This whole area of rocks and cliffs is over 400 years old. So the Indian has been here a long time and has become an attraction of the island. From here on we see the top of Monte Toro, the highest mountain in Menorca, opposite us.

A helicopter saying goodbye

Now all the way back is going down and we arrive at the same place from where we started. Close to us we see a yellow helicopter making a lot of noise. It is part of the nature and safety protection service that flies above Menorca to check if every is fine.

nullTaking care of the forests

The trip is over. We have read all the signs that were shown on the way and we have learned many things about the forests and how it produces oxygen to make the air we breathe in better. So, we must take care and treat the nature with respect: don't cut tree branches, and do not start a fire...

Before returning to the Royal Son Bou Family Club we will go to the viewpoint of the Peña del Indio. It's awesome. It is on a massive hill called the Puig Mal, surrounded by green trees and rocks.

Have you ever been to a forest? Do you want to see a small but very nice one? Then prepare some snacks as we will take another walk to s'Arangí.​

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  • S' Arangí lies 13 km. from of Son Bou.

  • You can only access from the main road in Es Mercadal towards Mahon. After 2 km. you will see the entrance to the parking on the right. It is well signposted.

  • There is no public transport to the area.

  • S'Arangí has 3 itineraries:

- Blue: 446 meters can be done in 20 minutes,

- Green: 488 meters and a 30 minute walk.

- Red: 2,116 meters estimated to make in 90 minutes.

  • The whole route is marked by wooden posts painted with colors. Follow them and you won't get lost.

  • The green and blue routes can be traveled with family. Only a small stretch has some difficulty for very young children.

  • The red route is more complicated as it reaches the top of Mount Puig Mal. It is not recommended to go with young children.

  • Remember to wear suitable shoes and water.

  • Respect the nature

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