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What is Kiko doing in Alaior's craft market?

Today I am going to visit the night market of Alaior with Hooky. I love it there! We will get to see the craftsmen’s market stalls, the musical performances and stroll around the streets and squares of this pretty village of Menorca.

Every year we spend a summer afternoon to visit this market. We like to mingle among the people and enjoy the atmosphere on Wednesdays in this village. Hooky stops and stands still asking me to be quite:

  • "Shhhhh! Do you hear that? It´s music. Come on let's see where it is coming from, "he says.

A music band welcomes us

null​We go up the street towards the square where a band of children are dressed in blue playing a sweet melody. There are people sitting around them listening in silence. We also stay for a while to listen:

  • "It sounds good!" I say to Hooky.

  • "A lady told me that it is the Alaior's Youth Band", he says. "I want to stay for a while so we'll find a place to sit."

Hooky and his pirate stories

Hooky loves music. He reminds me that on one of the ships in which he sailed all over the world there was a sailor who played the accordion:

  • "When the sea was calm and the sails moved with the breeze, Enrique, the sailor, used to play soft songs that rocked us to the rhythm of the waves," he says with his eyes closed.

  • Hooky, don´t start with your pirate stories, "I say whilst grabbing his arm to pull him towards the market stalls.

Will you become the most famous writee in Menorca?

nullThe craftsmen show their work in the narrow streets of Alaior. Jewelery, handbags, fans, clothes, hats.... And we have seen handmade notebooks with flower petals drawing covers.

  • "Look Hooky, a notebook would suit you very well to write all your adventures down."

  • "Did you know that all those who have their stall in this market have a Craftsman's Certificate? It's a guarantee that what they sell is designed and made by them, "Hooky says.

How does Kiko like to eat sobrasada?

We come to a corner where they sell typical products of Menorca such as sobrasada and cheese. Without doubt, this will be our first purchase on the market. We like the toasted sobrasada with honey they prepare at the Royal Son Bou Family Club. They are delicious!

  • "Cuqui likes cheese very much so we'll take some back for him "Hooky says.

  • "Do you know that Menorcan cheese is made from cow's milk? They say that it has an exquisite taste, a bit salty, because the cows eat grass which with the wind gets wet by small drops of sea water that surrounds the island, "I tell him.

nullHooky is in front of a stall buying jewelery. He chooses a necklace with a small star. He says he will give it to Dita to look beautiful when kids from the hotel will go to visit her in her cave in the summer.

Families dancing in the square

Hooky encourages me to follow him. We return to listen to the music and we approach another square where a group of people dance whilst a monitor tells them what steps to follow.

  • "What fun! Kiko, we're going to dance for a while, "he says taking me by the hand to the center of the square.

  • "I do not know how to dance and I prefer to go to the swings next door. I'll wait for you there, "I reply.

nullHooky comes back smiling and waving his arms. He had a great time dancing with a group of children who kept up the rhythm by clapping and jumping. The square is full of people of all ages. Some play in the park, others dance, some walk around and others sit on the terraces to drink and enjoy the show.

Let´s go? I'm hungry

The sun is gone and the lights of the stalls illuminate the street. We are getting tired and we are hungry! We're going back to Kikoland. Surely the cooks at the hotel have prepared us a meal for dinner. We will give them the sobrasada and the cheese that we have bought to be included in the menu. Which of these typical Menorcan products do you like best? What handicraft markets do you know about that are held in Menorca?


  • There are 8,7 km from Son Bou to Alaior

  • There is a public transport service very close to the Royal Son Bou Family Club Hotel.

  • The Alaior Night Market is held every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from June until September.

  • It is a craft market with typical products of Menorca.

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