Why travel to Minorca in October?

Minorca has been always a family island with spectacular beaches where you can enjoy unforgettable moments with your whole family. In October you can not only enrich its culture, taste its cuisine and enjoy its beaches, but also enjoy the tranquility, weather and nature.


The villages

Get to know the magical towns when walking through the mysterious streets and discover a typical Minorcan atmosphere. Each town located in a different area.

Just 6 km from us, you´ll find Alaior whose artistic and historical heritage is the delight of those who visit. Places like the Church of Santa Eulalia or San Diego Convent transport us to another time.

artisan market in menorca

At 20 Km is located Mahon, the capital of the island with one of the largest natural harbors in the world. Given its strategic location, it has been conquests and re-conquests throughout history. Now it receives numerous cruise ships throughout the year. Places such as La Mola, Lazareto Island or Isla del Rey give us the opportunity to go deeper into their history.

In the center of the island, you can find Es Mercadal, which is located at the foot of Monte Toro, the highest mountain in Minorca (258m) .Discover the crystal clear beaches on the north coast, such as Cavalleria and and the famous lobster stew that´s worth a taste in Fornells.

Ferreries is famous for their artisanal cheese. There are several farms that you can visit to get to know all about their manufacturing procesment, including highlights at the Hort de Sant Patrici, which has its own Cheese Museum.

Ciutadella is one of the most historic cities in Minorca. Most of the center has a pedestrian and provides greater comfort when walking or going shopping. If you feel like it, you can take a visit to the quarries S'Hostal (Pedreres of S'Hostal) where you can get to know the origin of the sandstones and the importance it has had as building material on the island until, well into the twentieth century, it began using cement.

Excursions through Camí de Cavalls


Camí de Cavalls is a 185km historical trail that surrounds the entire island and will take you through incredible corners. You will discover several species of flora and fauna and you will find different landscapes while enjoying a great family day.

There are many ways to travel the Camí de Cavalls: on foot, by bike and even on horseback. If you decide hiking, you can make two routes from Son Bou:

  • To Santo Tomás: it is a perfect route to do with children. It's level and easy and it will not take you longer as 2 hours. The contrasts between the different zones will surprise you and for sure when you get to Santo Tomás you will love to enjoy a refreshing swim in the shallow waters of this beach. And, if you want to continue your trip, you can reach the virgin cove of Binigaus.
  • To Cala'n Porter: this tour is a bit longer, it's about 3 hours walking, and has an average difficulty. It crosses two ravines, goes through cala de Llucalari and different areas of crops and fruit trees, until it reaches the beach of Cala'n Porter. This beach is located between high cliffs and has little slope so it is perfect for children.

Whichever your route of choice, it will be an authentic adventure for the little ones.

Visit castles and fortresses


Throughout history, Menorca was a very coveted territory because of its geographical location in the center of the Mediterranean. It was invaded by different civilizations and, during the 18th century belonged to the British crown, was conquered by the French, occupied by the English again, until in 1802 returned to to Spanish’s hands.

If your children like to imagine a thousand adventures, you have to visit the different fortifications that were built to defend Menorca from maritime attacks. You will be fascinated to hear the stories and legends of pirates and soldiers who wanted to get hold of this treasure located in the middle of the Mediterranean. And they will have fun touring the corners of the Fortress of La Mola, built by the Spaniards to avoid another English conquest, the passages of Fort Malborough, built by the British crown, and the tunnels of the Castle of San Felipe, erected after the attacks of Barbaroja in Mahón.

The megalithic monuments

The megalithic monuments

The talayótica culture in Minorca left three typical constructions: talayots, navetas and taulas. If you decide to take a trip around the island, do not forget to visit these prehistoric monuments, because each of them represents a stage in our origins. Most important, we continue opting for the candidacy (Menorca Talayotic) to be World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Close to our urbanization, on the road connecting Son Bou to Alaior, is a Talayotic village, Torre d'en Galmés, which is with its six hectares, the largest Talayotic village in Minorca and one of the largest on the Balearic Islands. It highlights its monumentality and conservation.



One of the most spectacular things of Minorca is undoubtedly its nature. From the typical dry walls up to the fields full of flowers, you can find extended beauty. The excursions will allow you to enjoy these unique environments with your family. The Camí de Caballs with its 185 km stretch; you can enjoy by bike, on foot or on horseback. It offers you the chance to see ravines and wetlands in its wildest state.

Did you know that Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO?

If you are looking for adventure, you can rent a kayak or a boat and make a lovely tour to see the most beautiful beaches of Minorca. Always watch the lighthouses that in its permanent state of vigilance ensures you, you will never get lost.

Kayak con Kiko y Cuqui en Menorca

Discover the Minorcan gastronomy

Minorca has an own cuisine and wine culture. You can taste the lobster stew in the wonderful cillage of Fornells, typical fresh fish of in the village of Binibecar, visit the cheese factories in Alaior, Ferreries and Mercadal and taste Minorcan wines in San Luis.

The weather in october

At this time of the year, you will find a very pleasant temperature that will allow you to continue enjoying swimming in the crystal clear waters.

The beauty of the Son Bou beach continues at this time of year and the sunsets are still beautiful. Would you like to live a moment like this with your family?

october menorca

6.- Royal Son Bou Family Club

During October we maintain the same services as we do during all the other months.

Our goal is for you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday enjoy every day. The apartments royal are adapted to all your needs; the restaurants have buffets, show cooking and theme nights so you have the option to choose what you like more. In our Blau Bar you can enjoy your favorite cocktail whilst you watch your children play in the main pool and also have fun with our evening shows.

Our hotel, awarded as the Best Family Hotel in Spain

Of course, we cannot forget our smallest guests with a little special something such as a heated children's pool with solar energy which includes a pirate ship with slides.

In our Club Kikoland your children can have fun and create unforgettable moments. The program of activities that we offer your children, will make sure they is no time to be bored. The Baby Club is specifically for children between 0 and 2 years and we also have a particular program just for them.

Watch these great plans with children in Menorca

And ... finally, we cannot forget that at this time the prices are cheaper than in July and August and you can benefit from our discounts.

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