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How do starlings dance in Son Bou?

They arrive in Menorca when the autumn begins and form one of the most beautiful shows I've seen in Son Bou. They are the starlings, those birds that fly in flocks forming moving figures in the sky. Have you ever seen them?


Today we have prepared an excursion through Son Bou. Very close to the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club is one of the most important wet areas of Menorca. Do you remember when we went riding on the Prat of Son Bou? Then the monitor already told us that we did not have to make noise because it was an area where many birds nested. Well, I'm heading there with a group of friends.

Why do they come to Menorca?

The starlings arrive from the center and the north of Europe and they go towards Africa to spend the winter. They do not like the cold. When they pass through Menorca they stay one season in Son Bou and in the area of Ciutadella. There, every year, we can see their spectacular dances in the air:

  • - "Why do they do that?" They ask me.
  • "Nobody really knows for sure. They say that because they are small they are safer all together. Have you noticed that sometimes they look like a great flying dragon? I reply.
  • "Yes, sometimes they are scary but they are always very coordinated on their flight. It must be very difficult, "they comment as we look at the sky.


Have you heard them sing in Son Bou?

In the Prat de Son Bou have found an ideal place: there are many plants and water. We already heard them. It seems that they whistle and, from time to time emit a kind of clicks. It's a very curious song and we've all stopped so they do not get scared because any noise makes them take off.

  • "I have an idea. Before dark, we go to the Basilica. From there we will see how they fly ", I tell them and they all sign up.
  • "Yes, we will see how the sun hides while the sky is filled with starlings dancing", says one of my friends who is a great archeology fan.
  • "Okay, but we are going for a walk on the beach that is more beautiful," I say as I run across the sand.

Do you know the church of Son Bou beach?

The Paleochristian Basilica of Son Bou is one of the oldest religious buildings in Menorca. They calculate that it was built by the first Christians of the island, a community of monks, in the 5th century.


Although only the remains remain because it was burned by the Normans who arrived in Menorca about 300 years later. Then it was inhabited by the Arabs who called the Son Bou beach, Al Kenise, which in Arabic means "Christian church".

  • "We are ready. I come here a lot. It is next to the Kikoland Club, it is a very nice walk and the sunsets are fantastic from this place ", I tell them.

Walking among the ruins

We see a baptismal font carved in stone that has the shape of a four-leaf clover, remains of tombs and the walls that supported the basilica.


We sit on the rocks and watch the starlings fly making curious figures:

  • "Now they look like an airplane, and now they come in the shape of an arrow," I shouted enthusiastically.
  • "I'm taking pictures but they move so fast!" Says one of the group that has climbed a stone.

Are we going to the necropolis or to the Roman road?

The starlings approach the cliff and we look at the caves. In one of them live our friends Troglo and Dita. The rest are part of a prehistoric necropolis. Do you remember when we went to Cala Morell?

These caves are smaller and also used to bury people who died. Nearby are the remains of a Roman road that reached Son Bou from several prehistoric villages.

Why did they like Son Bou so much? Because it is an area between ravines that has water and a lot of vegetation. The same as starlings. And why do you like Son Bou? Why is it the longest beach in Menorca?



  • Son Bou is an urbanization situated in the south of Menorca that has a large beach and has all the services.
  • Walking through the Prat of Son Bou and reaching the Early Christian Basilica has no difficulty. Its access is simple and easy to navigate.
  •  In any case, we recommend wearing appropriate footwear for walking between stones and if you bring water and something to eat you can enjoy the snack in a natural environment.
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