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Will you come and join Kiko for a walk through Menorca?

Will you join us for a walk in Menorca? Some friends have come from Germany, and today I'm going to take them to some places on the island which, I am sure, they are going to love. We will go and see a farm where they make cheese and visit a shoe factory and some vines. It's going to be a very fun day!

They have rented a car in Europcar. It´s in front of the Hotel Royal Son Bou Family Club and we are ready to set off and enjoy the excursion.


Braided shoes

The first stop will be in Alaior, the nearest village to Son Bou. We will visit the shoe factory Pons Quintana.

Did you know that it´s part of a tradition and that there are good shoemakers in Menorca? The father of the current owners of this company began making shoes for children. One day, some Icelandic entrepreneurs saw them and liked them so much that they made an important order. All started 63 years ago.

For a time, they set out to make shoes but now their specialty is to work with hand-braided leather with which they make sandals, boots and very beautiful and original shoes.


Growing grapes

From Alaior, we go to Sant Lluís. At the entrance of the village there is a path on the left, which leads you to Binifadet. What a beautiful place! We walked among the vines. There are rows of small trees which are already growing grapes that eventually will become precious fruits.

We were explained that there are different types of grapes with which various types of wines are made. In September they plan to collect the grapes when they are big and juicy. They carefully cut the branches and put them in the baskets and in the cellar they begin the process.


Carved into the rock

There they crush all the grapes to an extract that becomes juice and then they go through different machines until they are ready to store in wooden barrels and bottled. The cellar is dug into a rock and must have a suitable humidity and temperature.

As it has alcohol, the small kids can not try but the adults who have joined us are able to participate in the tasting they have after the visit. Do you know what a wine tasting is? It's simple; you get to taste different wines that are offered. All of them seem to be very soft and rich.


Let´s eat!

We are hungry and we have decided to go to the harbor of Mahon, to visit the restaurant Ca'n Nito de la Marina. We have been told that they are specialized in cooking fish and rice and we want to try it! All the food was very good and we were explained how the lobster stew, a typical dish of the island is made.

It is the oldest restaurant in the harbor. They say that it opened more than a century ago, in 1885 and, since then, they are always ready to prepare good fresh Menorcan food or grilled fish.

Before leaving Mahon we take a walk around the harbor. Do you know it is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean? We have seen fishing boats come and go and also some llaüts. These are typical boats that are built in Menorca.


A cheese that tastes like the sea

With the car we decide to go to Es Mercadal, the Binillubet farm. Here they have cows that are dedicated to making cheese. Remember when we went to see how they elaborated and prepared it a few months ago?

This farm has had awards for the quality of the milk their cows provide and they make creamy and delicious cheese. We've tried it and the flavor reminiscent the fields of Menorca. It also has a slight salty touch that gives you that special feature that you can only find in the cheese that is made on the island.

I cannot resist and will buy a piece of cheese to share with my friends in Club Kikoland.

A dip in the pool

Once we returned to the hotel we finished the day by having a swim in the pool. We have had a great time thanks to Europcar, Pons Quintana, Binifadet, Can Nito Navy and Binillubet. All these companies are associated with our Royal Family Rewards.

Would you like to get to know these places and spend a great day? In Menorca you can make many different and fun plans. What more do you want?


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