Will you join Kiko and visit a beach with a children's playground in Menorca?

Today we are going to visit a ravine and a beautiful beach among some cliffs on the south side of Menorca. It´s Calan Porter! It is very close to Son Bou and Cuqui has been told that in the torrent that reaches the sea, there are many animals. This beach also has a playground. Cuqui has already prepared his camera and backpack. Will you be joining us today?

null​We start of at the urbanization where we go down a big slope towards the parking lot. We are at the beginning of the stretch of Camí de Cavalls that leads towards Son Bou.

  • "We could have walked from Club Kikoland," Cuqui says, who is already taking the path that runs through a stream”.

  • No way!" I say, "It’s more than two hours away and it's too hot today."

The biggest ravine in Menorca

The gorge is beautiful in spring. It is the longest in Menorca, measuring up to 12 km long. We can hear the water of the torrent coming down from the slope of the Monte Toro, located in the center of the island, which leads to this southern beach.

null​Between the two cliffs, which measure up to 40 meters high, we can see some houses. This land is very fertile. It is humid and protected from the wind so there are many fruit trees and orchards that have already began to bear fruit.

On one side, the road is limited and marked by a dry wall. Do you remember that these dry walls are something typical from Menorca? They are made by stacking stones on each other without using any elements and that's why it's called a "dry" wall.

Reeds that give long life

Many green reeds are seen on the side of the stream. They are very high and move with the rhythm of the breeze. They are plants that live in the moist areas of the island and are part of the Minorcan culture. It is a tradition to give those that reach the age of 100 years old, a green reed because they mean "long life". Also in horse races these plants are given to the winners.

null​Cuqui wants to go to the area of the torrent where he has been told that he will be able to see many ducks and fish.

  • They are seen just before arriving at the beach and I have brought some pieces of bread to feed them.

  • "Cuqui, I remind you that you cannot feed the animals. Although they are used to seeing people around, they are wild animals that live in their habitat and have everything they need around them. If you give them food they will get used to it and stop looking for it. "

  • "Look, I can see them there among the grass”

A duck with a mask plays with the freshwater turtles

We approach in silence. There are many water birds. White ducks with orange beaks, others with purple heads and bright colors ... They are not frightened by our presence but we do not want to get too close to them to not disturb them.


  • "That white duck looks like he's wearing an orange mask. And look how many fish there are in the torrent, "Cuqui says excitedly whilst taking photos non-stop.

  • "Among the fish there are two large freshwater turtles that swim underwater. It seems like they are playing together. I tell Cuqui that this place is perfect! I could be here for hours.

To the park or to the beach?

It is not easy to decide what to do because we want to swim but have a play too. I propose to take a dip first and cool off, and then afterwards go to the playground near to the beach of Calan Porter.

This is a very family friendly beach because it is surrounded by cliffs and therefore almost has no waves. It is also shallow so it is like a large natural pool. Cuqui has put on his snorkel glasses and is ready to see some fish.

nullThe sand is very fine and clear and the water is very clean, although still a bit cold. We run to the swings to play for a while before returning to Club Kikoland where our friends are waiting for us.

Another day we will go to see Torralba den Salord, a Talayotic village that is very close to here, on the way to Son Bou. They say there is a very large taula. Do you remember the one we saw on our visit to the town of Trepucó?

And we will return to Calan Porter because we have seen the ravine, the torrent, ducks, freshwater turtles and a beautiful beach. This tour has been a success. And you, what do you already know about the area of the south of Menorca?


  • Between Calan Porter and Son Bou are 19 km. From Alaior on there is a road that takes you there.

  • There is public transport from Son Bou to Alaior and from Alaior to Calan Porter. If you prefer to go by car, there is a car park about 100 meters from the beach.

  • The beach has services such as: guardhouse and guarding tower, umbrella rental, hammocks and pedal skates for a trip out on the sea. It also has public toilets.

  • Next to the beach you will find several restaurants.

  • Try not to step on the dune area near the stream nor leave the marked paths when you visit the ravine.

  • Remember that you should not feed or disturb animals.

  • And, as always, a proper cap and footwear are essential to walk down the ravine.

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