With Kiko through the tunnels of Menorca

They say that the island is full of tunnels that run underground. Some of them have been excavated by people to take refuge in them, but it seems that others emerged naturally because millions of years ago an underground river joined the north and south of Menorca. And many of these passages have a history full of legends and secrets. Do you want me to tell you some of them?


Hooky reminds us that the pirates who came to the island used the caves and the passages that united them to hide and to keep their treasures.

The tunnel of the Algendar ravine


  • "When we went for a walk in the Barranco de Algendar they told us the legend of" Pas den Revull ", I tell him.
  • "Yes, a pirate ship arrived at the beach of Cala Galdana and one of them walked to the ravine and got lost. His colleagues did not wait for him and left him alone. As there were many fruit trees he could feed and stayed there living in a cave, " Hooky says”.

  • "But when the winter came, the pirate ran out of food and decided to take some animals from nearby houses. One day a lamb disappeared, another a chicken, ... and they say that even a cat went to the pirate's pot! "I explain him.

  • "The Menorcans who lived in the area looked for him without rest but could not find the thief. Sure, his cave looked out on a tunnel that had another exit and they always got lost and lost sight of him, " Hooky says”.

  • "At one point they discovered their hiding place. The pirate had covered the exits with brambles. They took them and had no choice but to leave by the other side where they were already waiting. Now that part of the ravine is called the "Pas den Revull" (curled) by the wild hair that the pirate had. What a great legend! "I say as Hooky laughs out loud imagining the pirate wrapped in smoke.


Military tunnels of Menorca

Hooky recalls that the military are experts in digging tunnels to shelter themselves or to build warehouses where they can store the weapons and supplies they need. In Menorca there are a lot. Some of them are more than 200 years old, such as those at Fort de Marlborough or those of Castillo de San Felipe.

  • "Do you know that there is a tunnel that connects these two buildings with La Mola? No one has ever seen it, but some legends tell that, under the mouth of the Port of Mahón, there is a tunnel that could be walked between the three military fortifications that guard the port, " Hooky said ”.

  • Bah! Stories that can not be proven! Someone would have found that underground tunnel, "Hooky replies.

  • "Well, remember that the British soldiers dynamited the tunnels of the Castle of San Felipe when they saw that their enemies were going to conquer this building. Maybe they wanted to hide something. The fact is that of the more than 8 kilometers of tunnels that are believed to have been built now, only 2 kilometers can be visited. Are we going to the nocturnal visit they do at the castle one day? "I ask Hooky.


The enigmatic tunnels of the castle of San Felipe are built on 3 levels and only a small part has been enabled for the public that can be covered with lit lanterns and guided by a person who knows them. They say they have so many twists and turns that you could get lost.

A tunnel to a mysterious city in Menorca

Do you remember when we talk about the submerged cities of Menorca? We met the legend of the city of Parella.

  • "Yes", says Hooky, "the one they say in Ciutadella that they see the towers shining in the sea when there is a full moon".

  • "Well, they also say that the Cueva de S'Aigo, in Cala Blanca, has underground tunnels that take you directly to this city. It's a legend but nobody knows all the tunnels in this great cave, "I explain him.


Other mysterious legends speak of Pozo de na Patarrà. It is near the prehistoric town of Torralba den Salort, in Alaior, and they say that this well is the entrance to the very hell.

  • "Is that true?" Asks Hooky scared.

  • "It is what is told. The well is excavated in the rock and has 9 large sections of stairs in zigzag and a width of 1.20 meters. On its depth there is no exact data. Some speak of 47 meters and others of 64 m. The entrance to the well is now boarded up and a fig tree protects it. They say that it cannot enter ... or leave anyone inside the tunnel, "I whispered to Hooky”.

  • A legend tells that at the end of the well there is a stone where water falls. If you drink it, you will be immortal but if you immerse yourself in it you will end up turned into stone.

Hooky shudders to hear these stories even though he always says he is a very brave pirate. One day I will take you to see the fig tree that guards the well of na Patarrà to continue telling mysterious legends.


Tunnels under the sea

Many people come to Menorca to dive. Dive into the transparent waters of the Mediterranean, swim with the fish and explore caves and tunnels that change color as the sun touches them.

In the east of Menorca, near the Isla del Aire, you can discover some areas that expert divers recommend for their beauty. At Punta del Bisbe it is easy to find a small cave with a long tunnel in which numerous fish live. And near Cala Torret, in El Caracol, a reef a kilometer from the coast, you can also explore tunnels and arches where fish are sneaked.

  • I know another place. If you go to the beach of Binimel.là, on the right is the Caleta de Elisabet. It is beautiful, small and quiet. Put on your diving goggles, go through the Cova des Pont (Cueva del Puente) and a natural tunnel leads you to this cove, “Hooky says“.

  • "In Menorca there are many places like that. They say that the island is full of tunnels but there are still many to explore”, I say him.

Many legends in Menorca speak of mysterious tunnels. The secrets that they keep are still unknown because only a small part has been investigated. But we love the magical and mysterious stories that are told and that's why we've told you these. Do you like the legends about Menorca?

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