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"PROMOTURIST, S.A.U. has included in its organization and gesture model the following Denunciation Channel to have preventive efficacy and enable the detection of acts or behaviors that could be contrary to the general or regional legislation applicable in accordance with the Penal Code, when it imposes "the obligation to report possible risks and non-compliances to the agency responsible for monitoring the operation and the observance of the prevention model".

The Denunciation Channel is enabled for all members who are part of our company and for third parties that can inform the Compliance Officer of the existence of procedural and organizational weaknesses that may lead to a criminal risk or the commission or omission of a criminal act.

PROMOTURIST, S.A.U. guarantees the confidentiality, anonymity and exclusion of reprisals of any form against the person who made the facts known. The data will be kept in the system only during the time essential for the investigation of the facts denounced. In any case, three months after the introduction of your personal data, our company will proceed with its removal from the system. If it is necessary to preserve it, in order to continue the investigation, our company will be able to continue processing its data in a different environment to which it legally corresponds.

Complaints should be communicated to the Compliance Officer by the following means:

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