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Some progress has been made since the hotel opened its doors in 1989. There have been substantial changes both in the facilities you enjoy when you stay with us and in the way we work as well as we offer our services to you.

A key moment in our history was to have bet in the specialization, we decided not to be just another sun and sand hotel. We wanted to focus on families and children and to be a leader in activities and fun. This was definitely a defining moment that identified a series of actions which designed the road we have travelled until now. At this point, we are all being transformed.


A team of committed people has supported us along the way. We could not have accomplished all that we have without them. They share a common vision and are aware the days you spend in our facilities are an excellent opportunity to give you the best experience of the year. We promote a continual training so they can carry out their functions in an effectively and safe manner. We feed on their ideas and suggestions to improve our service and always offer you something else, something new that will surprise you.


As time has gone by, we have become even more conscious of our impact on the privileged and fragile environment that is Menorca, so we have been applying measures that make us more sustainable. In 2019 we wanted to test all those measures that we had been adapting for years and we wanted to officially certify with ISO 14001 in environmental management. We achieved certification in September, after several months of more adjustments and improvement work.


We have gradually changed and from our start, we are convinced that we want to be for you the place where you can disconnect, dream and treasure the best family memories. All the changes have happened in our facilities and in the services we offer you have always been based on the search to provide you with an unforgettable experience. And we are deeply grateful for the times you have shown us that we have achieved it, such as in 2013 or 2017 that you positioned us as the best family hotel in Spain according to Tripadvisor. An evidence of our clients’ satisfaction who has enabled to take part and reminds us what are we here for and our main objective, to be the children's paradise in Menorca.

How we have been transformed


The Royal Son Bou opened its doors in 1989. The hotel that opened that summer is a very different place than it is today. Many years have passed and our structures and services have been adapted the different periods, to your suggestions and to the new needs which came as we specialized in family tourism.

The first years our hotel belonged to the Royaltur chain and was called Club Royal Son Bou. Then we became independent and we began a long journey in which we were shaping what we are now.


Did you know that at that time there was no La Basílica restaurant? Or that years ago it was called Restaurant Ses Coves? Our restaurant, famous for its delicious pasta freshly prepared, opened its doors in 2001. Before that time, there was a pizzeria just opposite where actually is the restaurant.


Restaurant Los Olivos, previously called Es Prat, was not allocated on the first floor of the main building either, but in what is currently the conference room. There was a barbecue in the Chill-out area of Bar Marés!

Kikoland was not as you know it now, our entertainers played with the children in a wooden house located between blocks C and D, in what is now the access to the restaurant La Basílica and the children's pool. Kikoland opened in 1994.


Our beloved mascots currently give name to our 252 apartments. Today we offer you 6 types of accommodation to choose from and we are still thinking of new arrangements to suit your needs and preferences. But maybe you didn't know that Kiko, Hooky and Cuqui didn't arrive at our hotel until 1993. Troglo and Dita joined the group a few years later when we opened the Trogloland cave.


The hotel reception was not located where it is now, but on the opposite side, next to the animation terrace. It was not until 2001 that it was moved to where it is now. Our Royal Club has been another space that has undergone major changes. Before joining the hotel ground it was an office space, a bar and now a meeting point for the slightly older children.

We are treasuring and adding changes that define us and trace a story for which you have been accompanying us. It is thanks to these changes and to you that we are today what we are.

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