Mejores playas para ir con niños en Menorca

What to do with your family in Son Bou

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Surrounded by nature: countryside, sea, cliffs. Son Bou is perfect for performing various leisure activities with the whole family and there is a wide range to fill all your expectations.

The beach offers various water sports and water games, but another option is to spend a fun afternoon going to the water slides in San Jaime. Besides all the play areas for kids, it is very popular specially for younger members of the family.

The horse riding center of Son Bou (collaborator of the Royal Family Rewards) offers a unique experience for you and your family. Taking a ride on horseback and getting to know the spectacular landscape of the island is always a nice idea. Children can also enroll because there are special tours for families. It is also a good opportunity to see El Prat de Son Bou and to reach the unspoilt caves of Atalis.

In el Prat Son Bou there is also an incentive bird watching tour added. Hundreds of birds nest in the pond forming a unique spectacle.

Adventures activities such as hiking the Cami de Cavalls, which is a bridleway that crosses Son Bou and goes to Calan Porter, to the east, and from St. Thomas to the west. Cycling routes for tourist also take place and is a great way to see Son Bou and do some sports during your family holidays in Menorca.

The best activities for families



Getting to know the seabed of Menorca and the large number of species that live in it, is an activity that attracts many visitors. The diving center of Son Bou, Son Bou Scuba diving (collaborator of the Royal Family Rewards), has special courses for children who want to learn to dive and a wide range of excursions for the whole family.

On the beach, beside games and water sports, snorkeling is a very attractive practice. There are several areas where the young ones learn to recognize some of the sea creatures.

Always remember that you have to respect the marine life. It should be observed without bothering the species living in the sea.

And after a day of diving, we suggest you enjoy a good picnic in the picnic area at ​​the beach, in a natural environment that will appeal to your whole family.

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Horse-Riding routes

In Menorca there is a big taste for horses and the rural routes are perfect for organizing horse-riding excursions. Horses are obedient and docile animals. Son Bou Rutas a Caballo (partner company of the Royal Family Rewards) offers unforgettable experiences for the whole family with expert guides.

The walks for beginners on the Camí de Cavalls are perfect for children. It is an exciting adventure to ride along the coast of Son Bou and, through El Prat, to reach the virgin cove of Atalis. Great views of all the natural environment of the beach, the dunes and the landscape under the ravines.

The equestrian routes, of 1 or 2 hours, are one of the exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family.

In Menorca horses are very accustomed to human treatment. They are the protagonists of the popular festivals and have a friendly and calm character. You always have to handle them as the guides indicate, with gentleness and affection, then the excursion you have hired is one of the great memories that you will take from Menorca with you.

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Cami de Cavalls

If you are adventurous, we recommend you to walk the Cami de Cavalls, which is a path that runs along the coast of Menorca, 185 km. It was used in the eighteenth century to communicate different coastal defense towers.

It is 8 km long, beginning at the Christian basilica of Son Bou ascending the first ravine, the high cliffs, and reaching a zone of crops and pastures. By following this path you can enjoy the beauty of the south coast of Menorca and see two important ravines, called Bec and Boter, offering lush vegetation and typical wetlands.

You can choose to make the journey on foot, by bike or horseback and enjoy the island in a different way, in full contact with nature. In addition, there are simple routes that are also exciting with your children.

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Camí de Cavalls routes from Son Bou


Route to St. Thomas

The tour of the Cami de Cavalls from the beach of Son Bou to St. Thomas is fairly easy. In just over two hours on a flat path and, most part, parallel to the coast you can enjoy the landscape and the fields with their "dry stone" walls.

You can skirt the wet area of ​​Son Bou, where hundreds of birds nest, and you´ll pass through the ravines of Es Bec and Son Boter, with high cliffs and lush vegetation. Wooden bridges and a walkway of large sandstone blocks open up your way through the streams and paths. On the right hand side you´ll leave the unspoiled beach Atalisand continuing along the coast you´ll find a rocky stretch of path that takes you down towards the beach and resort of Santo Tomas.

It is a 6.4 km easy track with nice contrast of landscapes and colours.

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Calan Porter route

The Cami de Cavalls connects a stretch from Son Bou to Calan Porter with a medium difficultybecause of two ravines, called Cala Llucalari, on the west, and Calan Porter, traversing east.

It is 8 km long, beginning at the Christian basilica of Son Bou ascending the first ravine, high cliffs, and reaching a zone of crops and pastures. After crossing a road, you´ll discover a wooden bridge that takes you all the way down to the second ravine. In the distance you´ll see the talayotic village of Torre den Galmés. And after walking through a landscape full of fruit trees, you´ll reach a streamand then the beach of Calan Porter.

It´s about a 3 hours walk in the countryside. Remember to take water and proper shoes and do not forget your camera, because during this adventure you´ll find special places you'll want to remember.

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