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We care about the environment

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At the Royal Son Bou Family Club we care about the environment and therefore we have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with UNE-EN ISO14001: 2015.

The main motivation that leads us to take this step is our commitment to the client and the island that welcomes us, Menorca.

Commitment to our customers, because we understand that the quality of the stay is also developed by enjoying a high quality of air, water and landscape that surrounds the hotel.

Also because we are concerned about the well-being of our clients and pollution prevention is one of the main actions to be carried out. We want to be an example of sustainability for our customers.

Commitment to Menorca, because the island has been a Biosphere Reserve since 1993 and we must all contribute to it. Also, because the beauty of the natural environment is due to ecosystems and fragile habitats of great natural value, because in the islands the resources are limited, and in Menorca, especially the water.

Our commitment of protection and respect of the environment is developed in the hotel's environmental policy:

  • Continuous identification of the environmental aspects generated by the hotel activities, to consider them in the selection of environmental objectives and goals.
  • Comply with the applicable environmental legislation and regulations, as well as other actions to which the company subscribes.
  • Commit to establish a system of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • Control and reduce the use of products with negative environmental impact, whenever technically possible and economically viable, for the environment.
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated and enhance the selective collection of waste for later reuse and recycling.
  • Achieve a reduction in energy and water consumption, in a progressive manner, by selecting the cleanest and most environmentally friendly technology options.
  • Promote the use of renewable energy (solar panels, etc).
  • Collaborate with public authorities in establishing emergency procedures.

With these principles, we intend that the objective we set as a hotel is also derived from the awareness of the staff, as architects of these actions, as well as to our suppliers, since the implemented environmental management system will be brought to their attention, so that collaborate with us in achieving our goals, thus generating a multiplier effect, with a greater scope of action.

  1. Environmental policy
  2. Goals

In addition, in line with our environmental policy, we have registered our carbon footprint as part of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Training aids

The company Promoturist offers these programs to co-finance training programs for Royal Son Bou Family Club workers in order to improve and/or expand the work skills of our employees.

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